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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What little hands can do

Decided to update earlier than Wednesday.

So, all three have tried their hands at crochet, and they had me make a piece of lace, too. They didn't want to be alone in their endeavor, so I made a piece of lace and will continue 'till my ball of thread is gone. I have a habit of doing this; if I make lace for fun, I have to use the whole ball. As to why, I do not know.

Results: we will go from oldest to youngest, I guess this includes me. I made yardage lace using size 10 thread and a 6 hook (same thread size, color and hook the 10 and 8 year old used). Bad light in the next two photos; the ones of my oldest daughter is closer to the actual color of the thread.


The pattern I used can be found here if you want to make it, too. If you use tiny thread like size 20 and smaller, makes a lovely bookmark like she shows or a real nice, delicate lace. But if you use size 10 thread, it makes a nice heavy-weight lace suitable for clothing and linens such as pillows and sheets and table cloths. If you use yarn, a lovely scarf. I have over 3 1/2 yards already made of this lace, which is the sum of one ball, but I plan on making it longer.

The oldest daughter's pattern came from Leisure Arts Book 111, easy crochet edgings number 8 in the book.


The middle daughter's pattern came out of my head and is posted here.


The youngest tried to make lace like the oldest, then we switched hook sizes and yarn sizes to no avail. She is ambidextrous so she kept switching which hand the hook was in because she figured it would feel better in one of the two. The problem with being ambidextrous is that if something is new and awkward, she tries it in both hands and doesn't get comfortable with just one hand. We had this issue all school year with her writing; she would not pick a hand, so she kept bouncing between the two, making for messy handwriting because neither hand is very skilled at it. This led her to a few tears because she wasn't sure why her sisters could get comfortable and not her. So I decided no implements in her hands would be best. Yep, finger crocheting miles and miles of chain. She is very proud of herself because in less than thirty minutes her chain was longer than oldest sister's lace and middle sister's strip and even longer than Mae's lace. So she went from tears to boasting about how fast she was with just her hands where everyone else had to have something else, but not her. I didn't notice that when I took the photo her hand was in the back ground; fitting since she is the one doing finger crochet.


Like I said, they all can do it; just have to find the right tool, pattern, yarn and so forth. In this case, chubby fingers, chains, and cotton yarn.


  1. I was thrilled to find this pattern. I am interested in continuous lace. As opposed to the kind you chain 74 stitches and you are limited to that length. I first saw this picture http://www.flickr.com/photos/sunshinescreations/2606769901/in/photostream/
    and after a bit of investigating came across these instructions. I was confused and thought you were the same person, the one in Australia, but I realized after more investigating, you sent me to that pattern with a link. I posted the continuous lace pattern, giving credit to crochetroo and a link to her blog, then I posted your picture of continuous lace on my blog, giving credit and a link to your blog. I hope this is alright. It said I had to ask permission. I hope that showing the lace to explain what I am trying to do is not infringing on anyone's toes.
    It looks like you are a very busy woman. I too was an art major and attended BYU, but married before I got a degree. I have decided my media is also cloth and thread.



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