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Friday, June 06, 2008

Tatting Callenge 14 & 15/rug

I have not done tatting in a while so I thought I would post it today. This is also one of those things I do while my husband drives the first and last parts of our daily commute. The pattern is 3 picot term 5 joins at first and last picot.I am doing these for the 25 motif tatting challenge this really has been a challenge for me to work this into my life so I have done simple patterns I wanted to do more complex but life is to complex at times and I just needed easy mental release when tatting lately. As you can tell from the photo I just started one and one has about 5 yards thus far. I have more of both of these vintage threads somewhere in my stash so I may dig more out after I run out of this thread to add to the length of these edgings. The red shuttles a gift to me by a friend on the internet. I think that is sweet of her this is my first time using them I am trying to get use to their quirks every new tool has quirks some good some bad still figuring these out.
If you like tatting also check out the mad tatter group on flickr.

Also in the top of this photo you can see the start of another project a red black and brown rug for my sister in law. I know she reads this blog this is not a surprise to her.

The other rug is done I just haven't had a chance to edit photos and make the tutorial yet. But here is a picture of it for you all to see what it looks like. I hope my kids piano teacher likes it.
This rug is over 5 feet across I am standing on a tall chair with my arms as high as I can reach in the air trying to take this photo. It is a good thing my camera has a viewing monitor that pivots so I can do this.


  1. OH. WOW! What a beautiful rug.
    I've been watching the progress, and I see that you are quick, as well as industrious.

    If your piano teacher does not like the rug, I'll take it. (you can always give her a box of kleenex, lol!)
    Seriously, your work is exquisite.
    My eyes are so happy to see all your pretty, pretty work.

  2. Stunning rug! I love to shuttle tat and haven't done much with it.
    Wonderful website! Lovely felt ornaments, etc.

  3. Can you make a video and post it of the butting braid?


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