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Friday, January 18, 2008

What to do with found Hexes

the start of three dresses
So I was thrift shopping a few weeks ago and found this bag of what I guess was the start of a blanket, table cloth or table runner. I have seen the pattern before it comes from the 1930's-1940. So these are more than likely 70+ years old. What ever it was supposed to be it wasn't finished and it had no supplies with it. So I decided I would buy it and make something from it sad that nothing was done to finish it. Since the hexes where already stitched into 5 pieces I had to disassemble to reassemble parts of it. Total 70 hexes what I really wanted was 72 hexes but I figured that one out. So above is what I came up with.

Well actually I have the start of three dresses. These when done will fit little girls between the size of 4-5. Two of the dresses have sleeves the last one will have cap sleeves as there wasn't enough of the hexes to make all three have full sleeves, I was two short so cap sleeves it is. The sleeves look funny when not on a person but I had my daughter try it on and it looks fine on a little girl. They will also have mother of pearl buttons on the back as a closure. Of course there will be satin roses or ribbons on these two when done. I plan on each having a different color skirt to go with it. So this way no two will be exactly the same when completed. I am kicking myself for not taking a before photo. The top right photo is right side out the other two are still wrong side out as I am attaching the pieces together.

I will probably put these in the store when I am done with them, As the size they will be will not fit my older two daughters and would only fit the youngest for about 4 more months. As these are all one of a kind dresses I won't get them in the store again when done.

Below are two from awhile back of one I did for my daughter that was salvaged from a table cloth that had holes and stains I saved the good parts and made the bottom dress for my youngest daughter for Easter one year. Boy they are bad photos with an ugly green towel but the dress was nice.
close up of easter dress
easter dress littlest daughter
The ugly green towel was to hid the ugly pink carper in my old bedroom at my old house. explain to me how a person who dislikes pink as much as I do had a bedroom with pink carpet. Old photos

1 comment:

  1. How inspired! So beautiful too. Some lucky little girls will have gorgeous dresses this Spring.Gill.


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