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Friday, June 29, 2007

I am still alive I promise!!!

I wasn't planning on having such a long leave of absence from my blog. Qwest, our Internet DSL service provider, is to thank for that glitch. They messed up our connection for over nine days during our move. But it is fixed now, and all seems to be working well. As for all the emails about my back, it is well and made it through the move (with help from my chiro). Life is still a mess of boxes and such, but it is getting closer to looking like a normal life again.

This is one corner of our home that is sort of straight at the moment. I collect white iron stone and other white dishes. These were all found at thrift stores except the rooster; my sister gave it to me. I think she found it junking, too. The round balls are from Lillian Vernon; not old at all, but I like them.

The green velvet chair is a circa 1880's from the Eastlake furniture company. I have two of these; in the future I would like to get more Eastlake furniture. I love the carved details on them.

Those who have read this blog know my favorite colors are black, red and white. Yep, this has two of my faves in it.

With the move and all, I haven't been able to make much lately. I hope that changes in the near future because we are in our home, and my sister-in-law and her family are situated in our old home. So, I think life should slow a little bit and let me get back to making things.


  1. Glad your move went ok. I love that white china and had to resist buying a whole set of blue and white from a charity shop the other day as we don't have the space!

  2. Good to hear you are getting along OK. Moving to me is no fun. I don't mind moving it is just all the packing and unpacking. Glad your back is better also. MB

  3. Hi Sunshine!

    I love you blogs and all the tutorials you have listed! You are such a sweet lady to provide so much information!

    You mentioned a 4th of July give away and I wasn't sure where to post to sign up for it?


    off the www.maryjanesfarm.org/snitz forum


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