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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

25 Motif Tatting Callenge and Crochet

My family traveled to Las Vegas this weekend for a Golf Tournament and Baseball Tournament our children were in. Since we traveled by car, I had 6 hours there and 6 more back to tat and or crochet in the car. I chose tatting this trip for the car part. I worked on number 1 and 2 of the 25 motif tatting challenge group that I joined last month.So I only worked a tiny bit on the pink tatted piece, which is number one for me in the challenge. It went from 4 inches to 9 inches; not much improvement there, but since that was one of the last things I did, I'm not concerned about much progress. However, I plan to keep working on that one; I think it will end up being hundreds of yards by the time I finish it. It is size 20/2 thread.The second item for the challenge is done with the size 10 thread that was vintage and damaged. It went from 5 inches to seven yards and used up all the thread; now I have a nice piece of vintage looking lace that already has age marks.The third item was just to use up a scrap of thread I had. It only became 8 inches long, but this can be used in embroidery on crazy quilts. The pattern is simple 3 picot term 4. The pattern came from a scrap that was in a ball of thread I had purchased from a thrift store. It's funny; my scrap is smaller than the one I found, but I like it and consider number three done. It is size 80 thread.The fourth item I worked on for the challenge was also to use up scrap thread. It is size 80 vintage/antique tatting thread, baby blue in color. It worked out to be 2 feet long. This also came from a piece of tatting that was shoved inside that same ball of thread mentioned above from the thrift store. It is a variation on hens and chicks: the hens are *4, picot, 4, picot, 1, picot, 1, picot, 1 picot, 1, picot, 4, picot, 4 close ring, the opposite side is 3 picot term 4 close ring; the chick on the first side is 2 picot term 4 close ring, the opposite side picot is 3 picot term 4 close ring*: continue from * to *. This one is completed, too, with joins on first and last picot of each ring.I also started a fifth item in tatting; this is just a simple single-shuttle ring edging. ring = 4, picot, 4, picot, 1, picot, 1 picot, 4 picot, 4 close ring make joins on 1 and 3rd picots. This is in size 10 crochet thread vintage thread. I'm still working on this one. I have 13 inches completed on this.I also started another tatting project with pearl cotton in turquoise while traveling. This is a typical scroll pattern. (I made a mistake on this; one of the chains only has 1 picot instead of 3-- oops. This is only 4 inches long. Ring : 4, picot, 4, picot, 1, picot, 1, picot, 4, picot, 4, close ring. Chain: is 4, picot, 1, picot, 1,picot, 4. The joins are made on the first and last picot on the rings.
So, a grand total: 3 completed, and still working on number 1, 5 and 6.

While at my sister's I noticed she had a runner our great-great-grandmother, Maria, made. So I asked if I could copy the pattern. I made two little samples of crochet --two so that I can use this pattern at my home. The next-best thing to having the item is being able to say I made it using the same pattern my great-grandmother used. One is the outside edging plus corner, and the other is the inside insertion on the runner. Mine was done in a size 20, the original was done in size 30; I didn't have that thread with me, so I used what I had.



  1. Beautiful stuff Sunshine!! I especially love the tatted edging that has the age marks already.. I love that pattern!


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