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Sunday, April 30, 2017

final in scenic painting all the faux finishing in one project

  1. Day one of working on the final Maddy and I cartooned in where the lines where supposed to be for our project. 
  2. then we taped off the sections 
  3. then painted in the background for the bricks ( we were not worried about an even nice edge on the top as we knew when we painted the shingles they would cover that area
  4. let dry  ( if we had had time we could have gone to next next step with out letting it dry)  Each class period is 50 mins.  so each day is 50 minutes of work for us
  5. below is the photo graph where the entire class was at the end of day one
  6.  Day two of the final.  Maddy and I wet brush three different colors onto our foundation to get the basic texture of the bricks this i was brush strokes going in all directing in three colors first the original color but wet again, and orange and yellow working dark first and light last.
  7. let dry we had enough time to do this and go to next step on the same day
  8. cartoon in the bricks we both do all steps except where stated other wise  just I can't take a photo of myself so the person you see is my partner in this project Maddy.
  9. paint in mortar lines
  10.  cartoon in the stone placement and paint mortar lines around them too
  11. below you see where everyone was at the end of day 2 of working on the final
  12. Day three of working on the final we painted in the rocks using three colors
  13. painted the shingle area using gray earl
  14. cartooned the window area
  15. masked off the window area so we could start to paint the windows
  16. painted in the window shutters using earl gray
  17. let dry
  18. dry brushed on with black and white
  19. let dry
  20. used yellow and green paint using the same techniques we used to do the clapboards which was to put the paint on a wood block and drag across the previous layers which we had
  21.  below you can see where everyone was at the end of day three
  22. day four
  23. started off doing two  glazes on the shingles one browish and one greenish
  24. we also glazes all the bricks with three different colors of glaze redish pink, purplish , and a yellow
  25. we also did the cartooning of the shingles
  26. followed by  dry brushing in the black and white on the shingles to give them form
  27. this is how everyones work looked like at the end of day four
  28.  day 5 and 6 I was working on my own as Maddy had a competition in Washington D.C. she had to go to which she won so she gets to go to Korea and represent our country at the national level for scenic design.  so proud of her.
  29. On this day I noticed a mistake n our project we had done the shingles wrong part was supposed to be a beveled panel.  So I set to work fixing that.  But I  had run out of that paint and would have to wait till the teacher bought more
  30. I also worked on the high light and shadows on the rocks winds, stones, 
  31. day six no Maddy she was still at the compationt during this time.
  32.  I continued working on shadows and highlights on everything 
  33. worked more on the shutters to fix the mistake
  34. this is where everyone was at the end of day six
  35.  Day 7 Maddy Back
  36. we cartoon in where the curtain goes
  37. Add yet more shadows to the bricks and rocks and shutters
  38. Maddy worked on the curtains and the background while I worked on painting the bushes and flowers we both painted in the branches of the bushes
  39. what everyones project  looked like at the end of that day
  40. Day 8
  41. we taped off where the window sashing went and I painted those while maddie added more shadow to flowers
  42. then madded added shadow to the curtain  while I added highlights to the plants
  43. Maddie also added hinges to the window while I did more shadowing to the plants and window shutters  
  44. We also added depth to the shingles since those things havce a thickness and ours did not yet
  45. This is where we left off going into the final
  46.  for the final we might add a pie if there is time to the window ledge  or plaid to the curtain  but we are actually already done and those things would just be for fun.
I want to work on the foliage project that we never had time for in class

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