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Saturday, December 17, 2016

remake of mom's dress

 My youngest sister in law got married today.  She has the kindest soul she  is who took care of my mother in law while she was dieing.  She is very dear to me.  My middle daughter wanted to wear something special to the wedding as did I .  So I made the  dress you see in these first photos for her to wear and I wore one of my mother in laws vintage dresses from the early to late 60's.

This dress in these pictures is a re-make of one that my mother in law wore as a teen ager.  You can see from the original post about that dress it had lots of age damage.

My daughter did wear the original once to a sadies dance.  But we could tell that it should never be worn again which was heart breaking to us.  It is a dress for good memories of that dance and mom now.  The original was brown and green the new version is brown and hot pink.

The fabric for this dress I used two sheer curtains and 1 ink satin sheet I found thrift shopping.  No one I think could tell that without me telling them first.  In fact most people where surprised when I told them that.  The back of the dress has 6 hand covered buttons and the front 4.  It is also boned in the bodice.  I used the original hem of the curtain as the hem of the skirt.  The header of the curtain I made some hair decorations out of but my daughter had already removed them from her hair when I took these photos.

The belt she is wearing is a vintage 1980's belt but it matched well.

The below pictures are of the dress when it was under construction.  You can see the flowers I was talking about in these photos that I used in the hair.  At the time I was debating on using them on the dress.  So they where pined on to see what they looked like.

I lengthened this version of the dress as my daughter wanted it a little longer.  If I make it again I will lengthen the torso as well to make it a few inches longer so the waist I feel more correct for her height.   My mother in law a was a petite woman in height.
We also added a little extra room in the over bodice to make it easier to lift the arms. The straps on the under bodice I also doubled in width to give them a little more strength.

These two photos the one above and the one to the left show off the color better.  These photos where taken one day after work at the costume shop when I stayed late to work on this dress and a few other co works and boss stayed late to work on a play we were doing.
 The picture below is from the one time my daughter wore the original dress for the first and last time.

1 comment:

  1. I loved reading your story about the dress and your daughter looks beautiful in both, especially the new and better version :)


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