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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Theater Make-up class ( photo heavy)

Warning this will have fake blood and things so if you have a weak stomach do not look .
  So for starters this is what I look like above.  Photo taken by my daughter when I did not know she was taking one no make up here.  She was having fun playing with her phone.  Mae means mom in Portuguese.

All these photos are from my phone so they may not be the best.  I lost my camera in a river over the summer and this is where I am phone photos.

Yes the images are just make-up

I have been taking classes in collage for a few months now.  Nothing like going back to collage when most of the students are almost the age of my children.   I have to say I was greeted better than I expected no one treats me like the old lady in the class.  In fact most people do not seem to believe me when I tell them my age ( mid 40's) most think I am in my early  to mid 30's.  I don't see that but thank you all the same.

Since I am working towards a BFA in Costume design in theater arts I have to take the basic classes for the major.  So  yes I am taking acting classes the hardest thing for me ever ranks up there with math and English.  But I do also get to take classes I love like Stage craft I love power tools and faux painting and I get to take classes like make up for theater.
I am not allowed to show how things are done or explain them since they are part of a class.  But I can show some of the end results.  You can see what my normal make-up looks like in the vampires bite photos.  As that is what I look like on a daily bases when I wear make-up that is which I do not always do.

The above photos are from my test the ones below are from practice day figuring it all out.

This is from the section called grossies and gories.  I am not actually in to gory makeup never have been but it is Halloween time and I think it came out OK.  One set of these is from practice day and one was my test.  Got perfect scores both days.

It was a sort of weird week a lot of us in the class where not really into gor when we started but by the end of the week even the ones with weak stomaches where going strong on this.   Our class ended up being the goriest class not sure what that says about all of us other than we like our work.

I think I want to add a better make-up bruise kit to my stash but it will have to wait till I have more money.  This is the one I want to get o.j. the future along with fake thick blood and things of that sort.

I also did old age make up in this class.  It was sort of funny as one day we where to do middle age make-up.  I pointed to myself and said ok all done since that is my age.  The class laughed.  So of course I had to do 60 year old make up and older.

For this type of thing make-up and laytex are used.  Can I just say removing laytex is a very weird experience as you can see.   Looks like something from mission impossible.

I was worried I would be allergic to it since I am to most adhesives.  But lucky for me I do not seem to be.

Now that I throughly grossed you out with the removal of the laytex.  I will show what it looked like before removal.

I feels as weird as it looks just so we all know.

I like that you can see that my original skin color is not the same as the make up here to show the  aged look the make up had.

So here is what I looked like after I applied old age make-up on.  Yes I was having fun trying to make my face wrinkle for the photos.

I do not have a ton of wrinkles on my face just on my forehead in general so this was sort of unreal for me.

 I am sure a lot of people do not see this as many wrinkles but for me it was a lot of them.  I actually highly recommend taking this type of class.  It is fun to see how it is done and learn to use the make up I will be taking another level of this.

This was test day.  Perfect score.

 So here we go with practice day. This is with a little bit of normal makeup not a good photo of me but you can see where I do have wrinkles and such
 The lady on the right of the photo is my teacher.  I am the person with all the bracelets.
 This was a partial face practice day so you don't see too much old makeup on me also I was only doing about a 60 year old where as the other was closer to 80.
 I also have done correctional make up.  Which I actually do not use.   This is what people do to contour and highlight good features and get rid of blemishes.  I actually do not mind the aging process I earned every wrinkle and white hair I have.  My grandmother died in her late 90's one of the most beautiful woman I know I loved looking at her wrinkles silly but it meant she had a long life and I loved her laugh lines and crows feet all from being a happy person I hope to  look half as good as her if I make it to 90.  Because I do not mind my age spots and such this was a harder class for me as I had to hide a blue vein under my eye and an try and correct the fact that one eye lid hangs a little lower than the other from an infection I had in my eye over 10 years ago that stretched the skin that never went back.  I did ok in my opionion perfect score but I will never use this type of makeup on me but maybe for a play.

I do have to do makeup for a play Trail of Dreams should be fun.

This is probably the most photos of myself I have ever posted on my blog it is just something I do not do.

I have to keep track of the things I do for this class as we have to make what is called a morgue of photos for the end of class which is a collection of all our work.

So life is crazy I am a wife and I have 18 credit hours in collage.    I am a mom of three teen girls which has its own deadlines and conflicts and I work 20 hours a week as a stitcher in a costume shop.   I have one child who has missed half the school year from being ill.   Life is full of trials and conflicts isn't it great to be a live and trying new things.  Photo to the left contrasts from this statement but I am enjoying this part of my life even if it is hard as all get out.

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