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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

2 dresses 2 hours reworked (1800th post)

during rework hem half cut offrework in progressA friend of the family got asked to a sweetheart dance and had these two dresses but wanted them to be a little different in style.  So I reworked them for her now she can pick which one she likes we like the one that has the black crinoline.

I forgot to take photos of the before but I have some during the rework.  I have done this a lot as of late I did four dresses for my daughter last week but never thought to take before photos so I figured it was no good showing the after photos.

back after reworkedfront after reworkedIn the first photos that is not a stain or a bleach mark on the dress it is just like shinning through my kitchen window into my sewing area.  bad thing about red dresses real hard for me to take photos of red or black dresses.  Never comes out right for me.   This is dress that we like the end result the most.  If you notice in these photos of the dress in the process of having the hem cut off you can see a black crinoline under skirt to give the dress form.  We decided that would be a cute detail to leave a little longer and have as an accent to the dress.  Hard to see it in the finished photos because of the grass but that part looks real cute in real life.  This is my middle daughter modeling the dress for the photo just because she was the person I had a round who could do it.  I have since ironed the hem forgot to before the photo.  Me and my brain are not always on the same wavelength at times.  the dress originally had spaghetti straps but it had these two sashes that hung down that the girl who is going to wear the dress had pinned over the shoulders to make wide shoulder straps so I also sewed those in place.  There is  a similar set on the back of the dress that still hang down.
detail of dress

top hem cut off during reworktop hem cut off already during rework
The second dress had a major change from what it looked like in the beginning.  Once again I forgot to take pictures of the before so here you see the hem half cut off already.  With this one we cut the outer layer longer than the under layer exactly opposite of the first one.  Here you see the outer layer already cut off.  You can see in these photos where I have a pin in the shoulder where I plan on cutting off the long sleeves and make flutter sleeves instead.  The sleeves look sort of old lady like the way they were on the original dress.

hem gone during reworkI think the dress is a big improvement with just the hem cut off.  But I was not stopping at this point as it looks sort of 1960's at this point.  Then I cut off the sleeves.  Made a world of difference to the look of the dress.  Sorry for the shelves that is where I keep my sewing supplies.
sleeves goneside after reworkHere the hems and sleeves are all re sewn and pretty much done. How just to put a live person in the dress so you can actually see what it looks like on a human.   Now that they are both done she can pick which one she likes better to wear.  The second one reminds me more of a Sunday dress. From start to finish this took me a total of two hours for both dresses.

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