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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Colonial Costume ...

colonial costume for my youngest daughter
Friday night my family went to go and see the "Scarlet Pimpernel" the musical play version it ended real late, during the course of the play my youngest tells me she needs a costume for Monday at school.  So that means Friday is shot as no time to look up anything to even get an inkling of an idea for a costume.
Saturday morning comes around and we get out my pattern books.  She flips through my two books and post-it notes the ones she likes.  I have two file cabinets full of patterns one book per cabinet which covers four draws each drawer holding about fifty patterns.   I agree with one of the patterns she has tabbed, the only one that I think I could make fit her. 
She is sort of between sizes at the moment a size ten at the chest an eight at the waist and a twelve at the hips.  So if a pattern is strictly for children it will not fit her or strictly adult it will not fit, this one crossed the barriers between the two.  So it was time for a learning experience for my oldest daughter.  She usually traces my patterns for me sort of payment for mom making costumes is every now and again I have them help me with them.
detail bodiceSo I explained how the pattern pieces had to be modified when she traced out the pieces (I do not cut my patterns).  So I set her to work on tracing all the pieces needed.  She did the mods from just my explanation.  The true test would be when the dress would be tried on the youngest daughter to see if it fit.  My oldest did a great job at following instructions it fits perfectly.
detail necklineI was lucky in that not one item in this costume did I have to go to the store for. I thought I would have to go get a zipper but I found I had two on hand so I was happy not to have to go to the store at 10:30 pm on Saturday to get a zipper.  In these photos I still have yet to sew on the hook and eye closure, the hand beadwork on the bodice/sleeves and  I still needed to hand sew one lace to lace seam on the hem. I may still make a mop hat and a bum roll for her to wear  but I am leaning towards a crinoline for her to wear.  She will be wearing the snow queen shawl that I made a few years back.  This is for a school class celebration where they  will be discussing and doing colonial games.   This daughter is in a play this year that has a colonial scene in it but I am not sure she is in that scene,  I think she is going to be in Queen Isabella court scene so we probably can not use this costume for that may be the only time it is worn.  Actually all my daughters are in plays this years.  Some already did "The Sound of Music", the oldest two.   The oldest is in "Little Woman" as Aunt March, the Middle is in "Aladdin" and the youngest is in "The Patriot Program".

The pattern I used was simplicity 3725 encase someone else wants to use it too.

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