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Monday, January 28, 2013

Cape for Aunt March...dyed lace

dyeing lace
I made a cape for Aunt March over the weekend.  I did not have the color of lace I wanted so I took two mint green laces I had and dyed them the color you see in the pictures.   I forgot to take pictures of the lace before I dyed it wish I had so you could see the color change.
actually is even daughter just was spinning and messed up the way it was haning on herOne of the laces is 100% cotton the other a cotton/poly blend so yes you guessed it they did not dye exactly the same color.  But I expected that.  I used them on alternating rows on the bottom hem.  To give a little contrast to the cape. I also used soutache braid on the cape hem on three rows of the lace  the braid I used was about 100 years old.  The lace one is antique and one is vintage I bought both spools of lace at the same time at an antique store about 2 years ago.  They where the last of a supplies of new old store stock the antique store had.  Both where made by the same manufacturer but because one was older than the other the labels where a little different ie. 100% cotton as opposed to poly cotton and the age and design of the labels also showed a difference in age too.
 The cape is fully lined and has a hook and eye closure at the neck.   The cape is actually the same length on both sleeves but my daughter was having fun spinning circle right before I took the photo which made the cape hang funny on her.  I am supposed to make 2 capes for aunt march this one is light in weight so it is supposed to be the fall spring cape .
The other will be a quilted fabric so more of a winter cape.  The fabric on this cape actually is the same fabric I used on Aunt Marches hat.  So it has a pattern of little squares on the fabric which is hard to see in the photos as the cape is so far away from the camera.
1 of 2 capes for Aunt March
IMG_2210Look at this picture to see what the black fabric looks like up close. Right now this is Aunt March's came but I may switch it to Mrs. March's have not decided fully yet.

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