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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Day 4 and Day 5 and RPL cord

Day 4
dress with matching slip
I waited 1 day to post the last two items in the heirloom sewing becasue I was working on posting the free lace pattern yesterday.  This would have been a 7 day set but I decided to show the matching sets the dress with matching slips together instead of separate so this is the last post of heirloom baby dresses for  a while.
dress and slip set
 dress front
This dress has the most detail out of all the dresses I have show in this grouping.  It is unbeleiable how many pintucks are on this little dress.
sleeve yoke dress
 Pin tucks on both the front and back of this dresses yoke area.  And lots of embroidery by hand on the yoke and hem and some by machine as well to frame the dress and the yoke.
back of dressyoke detail dressdress hem

The matching  slip
The slip shows its age a little bit with a  tear under the sleeve.
tear on slip
As with the other items I have shown as of late this also has a machine sewn edging.
slip neck
But ahnd embroidery still takes center stage on the hem of the slip.
slip hem
Day 5
Plain Jane slip
taffata slip
This slip is pretty plane Jane as slips go but it does it purpose well to make a cotton batiste dress not be see through.  
slip yoke
This is made out of taffeta And is finished with a simple zig zag stitch over the edges to give the slip a little bit of a scalloped edging.  Simple but useful.
slip hem

Romanian Point Lace cord
 16 yards cord after being measured
I also had to get some Romanian Point lace cord made for the the RPLALs.   It does not just make it self so that is what I have been working on the last two days and 16 yards to show for it.   I know does not seem like much but it is an amazing amount of time that goes into making the cord before you can even think about making the lace.  Now it is all neat and ready to be used on what ever project I choose.  
16 yards
I keep all the done cord in a metal tin ( that use to hold chocolates).  The joy of making a cord that unravels in 2 directions I do not have to make it fit a certain spot on a certain pattern I can just make cord when time permits and place in the tin waiting for future use.  You can tell which is the newest one I just finished it has the most on it.

 box of cords ready to go
When I get little bits of this and that left I do something like the pansy doily that can use up all kids of odds and ends in colors and sizes and voila no more odds and ends.
pansy doily in the works

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