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Monday, September 07, 2009

Moving day is near...

So moving day happens in the next week and 1/2. Am I ready you would think I would be. But no the other house is not done but we are moving any way such is life. The garage looks a mess and there are two pod units in the yard and on and on. But in all it will be a great move closer to school and family moving back to a neighbor hood where two of our children where born. Old friends already waiting to see us. We have such a great family they have been helping us re-due our old home. All this through all kinds of family trials that you never saw on the blog that would have been TMI which are still happening. Life is good and we move forward. I am helping out at my children's school. There is a teacher there that had a back operation recently and has had a hard time doing things. So I have been doing volunteer work helping out nothing like sitting through the same science lesson 4 times in a day but you know I am having fun and each time it is a little different depending on what the students ask. I have been enjoying that getting to know the other teachers at the school better can't be a bad thing and it will be easier to do once the move happens. He only needs help for a few hours a day for a few months and I am having fun with it. Still leaves me time to work on projects and pack up home hoping to be able to do some big projects in the future if all goes as planned if not life must have something else in store. I am not signing off yet that will happen in the near future as our computer goes from one house to the other. May be a small break in the programing so to speak.


  1. Moving is such a nightmare, it's one of the most stressful things to do so they say. We moved in March this year and are now settled in a new little home.
    Hope your move goes well and that you settle into your new home quickly. I am sure you will with all your freiends and family helping you along the way.

  2. I hate moving with a passion. I'm glad you have so much to look forward to and I hope the hassle of moving is over soon.


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