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Thursday, September 11, 2008

So where am I...

Well I am still here; it is just that I somehow have lost my camera battery and can't take photos at the moment. I have been busy working at the flower shop and at the school. I am having so much fun teaching you can't believe it.

You know it is funny the things kids say. Three of the second graders kept starring at me the other day, so I asked them why. One thought I looked like Nanny McPhee (here came the scary part) I had to ask. "At the beginning of the movie (see picture to right) or the end during the wedding (how she normally looks see left)!?!" "Yes," she said, "the end of the movie." That was a relief. (These two photos have links as to where they came from -- they are not my work.)

So the second little girl kept starring at me, and after a while it made me nervous; you know that feeling like you have spinach in your teeth. I asked her if something was wrong, her response was " No, but did you know you are pretty!"

The last little girl kept it up the longest, so of course I asked her if something was wrong or if she had a question about the assignment. She said " No, but I didn't know princesses could be teachers!" I asked her why she thought I was a princess. She explained it had to do with the head bands I like to wear (see image to left). I don't think I look anything like Emma Thompson. I look like plain ol' me, not pretty or ugly just normal and I am happy that way. (Photo of me to the right.)

Who could have a bad day with little children like that!

Soon as I find my camera battery I will be back to posting; it has to be here somewhere.


  1. How cute! Hey you do look a little like her around the eyes!! I never would have thought of it though. I would have done the same thing and asked about what part of the movie they were talking about. We love that movie!!
    How fun that you are getting to do what you love.
    I love those "princess" headbands myself. When I let my bangs grow out those are the kind I like best.

  2. I am glad you are enjoying teaching. You are a natural for art with all your creative talents. By the way, your picture is very pretty.

  3. Well, Princess Sunshine, I agree with the little girls. And by your leave, may I add, princesses can be teachers and they should be, your highness. ^__^

  4. I want to know where to get the headbands that make you look like a princess. I want to look like a princess, and I want a headband too. Then I want a poofy dress, and sparkly jewels and pretty shoes to dance in. That's not too much to ask for is it? If it is I'll settle for the headband.

  5. they are just normal headbands to me any grocery store carries therm I buy them at smiths, walmart, and albertsons


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