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Monday, May 05, 2008

Progress on rug

33 inches across now
So far, the rug is about 32 inches across; when done, it should be about 60 inches. This rug, when completed, is a gift for my children's piano teacher. It is hard to explain how nice of a person she is. Not only is she their teacher, she is my friend and a great lady. This is a thank you for everything she has done for my family over the years. Mrs. Bear-Hunter is a great lady, to say the least (that isn't her real name, it's just what my kids call her).

The item to the right is my braiding stand. It has gotten kind of wobbly from all the use I have given it. Any craft table will work to attach your braid clamp to. In time, I hope to make a better one. Sort of an over-grown crate with room to put my feet inside of it to balance it as I braid and with shelves to put my supplies on. The shelves would be inside the box right above my knees; this would be much better than what I have. I just thought you all might want to see this anyway because it is a tool I use religiously when braiding. Also notice you can use rubber bands instead of reel aids or safety pins; anything goes.

If you noticed in the photos, I have done a color change, actually three of them, white to cream, red to plaid red and medium khaki to a little darker khaki. It is hard to see where I changed the colors. If you do it the way I explained, it will be hard for others to see it, too. In the photo below, the color change is happening just above the needle and another to the left and up a little. If you want to find it, click on photo for a blow up. This is the back of the rug; they are harder to find on the front. But I stitch from the back when lacing, so I never see the front of the rug 'till I am all done and flip it over. The rug is reversible; I just like one side more than the other.
32 inches across
The colors are those in the piano teacher's house. She knows she is getting this gift, and I wanted it to work with in her home, so she picked the colors.

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