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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Swaps good and bad/ vent time

I have been in tons of swaps; most are great, some have one person bail. But I have never had a swap like this last one I was in. Normally I like being the swap mama so I can make sure things go as close to plan as possible, but this swap took 1 1/2 years and is plain ridiculous at this point ( started Feb 1, 2006, now I get them on July 12, 2007). I was to send in 13 blocks and get 12 back; one set was for a gift for a special friend to every one in the swap.

Well, I got four blocks back today after being told they had been mailed at four separate times; never a word of truth in any of those statements. Then I was told that because I moved was why I don't have them -- they must have been lost in the move, because she mailed them to my old address. Well, they where never mailed to my old address; they are mailed to my new address, post marked two days ago not two months ago or three weeks or two weeks or even one week as claimed.

I truly am not mad; I am on the verge of hysterical laughter, actually. This is just so funny to me that a person can make so many excuses and get mad at every one in the group when we did our parts and she botched hers. You just gotta love the victim mentality in some people that, no matter what happens, it is someone else's fault: thus far the post man has been blamed, my move, her move, and so many other things that are not nice to blame that I am not even going to mention them. I didn't even get one of my own blocks back.

Below are the blocks I made and sent. Just so we all know, even though I am frustrated with the swap mama I will not mention her name here as I am not trying to hurt her; I just wanted to vent.
13 embroidered signature blocks for swap

On a happy note, I love the blocks I did get. The four ladies did lovely jobs, and I am happy to own them and add them to the signature quilt I am making. Their real names are purposely blurred (the blocks don't have big smudges on them), but I am sure you knew that. Below are the blocks I have received. I love how they are all so differnt.
blocks for swap that I have so far


  1. I saw your pictures on Flickr but didn't realize the problems you were having with your swap--that's really a shame. I've only particpated in a couple of swaps and worked hard on what I submitted (as well as carefully abided by the deadline instructions) but it's not always the case with other folks so now I just don't participate in but one or two swaps that I know I can trust. The blocks you made and the ones you finally received are so lovely.

  2. You get some person whose sorry excuse for "participation" brings the enthusiasm level for the entire group down. Doesn't matter which swap it is; I've even encountered this in a crochet/knit swap, and yet when I took issue with it, there was something wrong with ME fore pointing it out. Funny how the world works these days!!

  3. These are really nice! I can understand your frustration about the swap as some swaps can be a nightmare. Hang in there. The world is crazy and some people just love to place blame everywhere except where it should be!

    BTW, I got the yo-yo quilt I won from you! I love, love, love it! I'm going to post pictures of it as soon as I get it framed. I'm hoping to do that within the next week so that I can get it up on one of my walls! Thank you so much! All of my extended family have stopped by to see it and they just love it too! I love your craftiness!


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