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Thursday, May 10, 2007

WIP / New Tools

Sunday I was making some banana bread (I was using nine bananas), got half way into the recipe mixing and realized the box in the refrigerator didn't have any eggs in it. Don't ask me why it was still in the fridge -- I haven't a clue.

So what to do because I don't go shopping on Sunday. Quick call to the sister-in-law; life saver, that one. She had enough for me and enough for her to make something that took either six or nine eggs, too. So I quickly went over because the backing soda and baking powder were already having their reaction and I had to hurry; not hard because she only lives about 3 blocks away. Long story short -- she saved my bread.

The surprise was when I got to her house she had a present for me. Real cool; not my birthday or anything! She said she had been at Hancock Fabric (a fabric store) and saw these items on clearance and thought of me because I like to make yo yos. She said they were real cheep; I hope so because things like this usually cost a lot.

I am so excited about the new toy. I just haven't had time to play with new toys as of late. I am in a swap that is just getting under way over at MJF, so I will be cutting lots of yo yos in the very near future. That actually isn't the reason this is exciting to me. When I get a chance, I get to open the package and look inside because it has a note on the outside which reads that it has an apple core pattern inside. This is a quilt I have wanted to do for a long time. I am hoping this will help me with the cutting and getting it done sooner than later. If any of you readers have this toy, tell me what your opinion of it is and any tips and tricks you might have because I have never seen this before. Monday I did return to her house and gave her one of the loaves of banana bread as a thank you for the nine eggs.

My current project is a baby afghan that I am making for a friend of ours who had a baby born, not even at mid term. Amazing, the baby was the length of an ink pen and it's weight was less than a pound. The baby is home now, and I am late on the gift. The baby is healthy; it's amazing the things that doctors can do with modern medicine and a lot of prayers. The afghan is made of 100% cotton. Where you see the balls sitting next to the afghan is where the next block that color is going to be. I am hoping to get this done by the end of the weekend.

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