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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Update: Handmade Valentine swap

Wednesday January 31

From Willowtreecreek I got this lovely card. She punched with a needle the word LOVE in the top flap of the card. I love the ribbon embellishment that she machine sewed in place. A cute idea. Her card came in a glassine envelope, too, with a valentine-themed stamp.This is the lovely card I was sent from summerbreeze. She took a lot of time coloring in the rubber stamp. There is a rubber stamp image inside that reads "Sending you a great big hug." It is hard to tell in the scan, but the little rubber stamp image on the left of the screen is actually raised up off the face of the card. I love the deep dark red of this Valentine. She also embellished with ribbon; we have a theme other than hearts.Here is the card made by sewgirlie. She used a red paper doily and stickers. Very cute! The red divider part of this picture was put in by me so I could show the sticker that was on the back of the envelope too.This is the card from Mary Beth. It had confetti in it, and it had a cute little paper clip that she embellished to make into a book marker. Once again my husband's office had confetti all over it. I need to be more careful when I open these things; some of them just attack. I took two scans of it because the inside was as cute as the outside. The stamp was even in the Valentine theme, just like Willowtreecreek's. Ahhh another theme. Paper doily again; we just have themes everywhere.

Tuesday January 30

My baby bug felt left out of the Valentine fun. So she went digging around in the cards she got from the barter party we went to during the summer. She found one that was the right colors and decided that was a good card to give me. She drew inside of it first, then gave it to me. She is only five so she can't read very well yet. As you can tell, it reads "Happy Mother's Day". It was a happy mother's day too. I am her mother and I was grinning from ear to ear when she gave it to me.

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