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The hearts and the queses on this page may be lower than what is on Ravelry because that is something I have to update manually but the other number should always be correct


If you like my free patterns and want to give a thank you back I have a wish list on ravelry of patterns I would like to make.  Thank you in advance for being kind and saying thank you back.

For this one only click on the year desired below to go to the link with all the RPLA information.  The picture will take you to the group on ravelry about RPL
Romanian Point Lace on Ravelry 

Romanian point lace
2012 RPLA

closure free pattern on blog
beaded crochet cord
can be used for necklace or braclet

yoyo afghan who wants instructions see below
Yo-yo afghan pattern/tutorial

crochet fingerless gloves


holly berry ornament / win one of each ornament find out how on my blog
Advent Calendar

damage block
How to repair damaged crochet

124 people call this a favorite 131


poinsettia / The journey
How to do the 12 days of Christmas Instructions and Handouts

There are several sets of 12 day activities in this set of posts please enjoy and have a happy holiday !

 kissing ball to hang with misseltoe

Christmas Kissing balls (my grandmother's pattern and way of doing this)

felt ornament dove

Felt Ornament

pomander ball

Pomander Ball (my grandmother's way of doing this)

cathedral windows quilt tests

Cathedral Windows Tutorial


Mock Cathedral Windows

English Paper piecing tutorial

English Paper Piecing

 Snow Queen Shawl

snow queen shawl and head scarf


romanian cord

Romanian Cord Video Tutorial

super close up braided rug/sewing room rug

Braided Rug Tutorials

cream cheese mints

Cream Cheese Mints (my mother-in-law's way of doing this)

hex granny squares

Hex Granny Square


Juggling hexes


flower tutorial

Straw Flowers

squaring up a yoyo tutorial

Squared Up Yo yo

part 11
Easy Triangle head scarf


3 trees 
Folk Christmas  Trees

yoyo:Easter egg yo-yo tutorial

Easter Egg Yo yo :yo yokes
(nickname given by Anna Marie Horner)


Yo yo Friends

Old Fashioned Candy Crystals / rock candy

old fashioned rock candy

holiday brooch
Holiday Brooch

kid airplane ornament

candy airplane ornament

homemade icecream

Homemade ice cream

finished cobbler

easy cobbler

all four

Easy snood or bun cover
in 30 queues 
214 people call this a favorite 214


Irish crochet bonnet
in 116 queues
6 comments 6 640 people call this a favorite 640


Heirloom sewing series

There is a group on flicker I have made to go with this fee free to join it

  Heirloom Sewing . Get yours at bighugelabs.com

Garnet hill style afghan

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