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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Internship leather sewing Yellow/green and yellow/black knights

This is the horse chest piece it was hand cut by Alex sewn by me.  This piece is for a horse rode by a male knight.

 This is one of the female knight outfits while it was under construction.

 This is the hose that has the dear head chest piece rode by the male knight.

The horse rode by the female knight
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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Internship leather sewing Blue/white knight

 I did not get many photos of this one as we made it.  These are from the horses fitting


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Monday, August 27, 2018

Internship leather sewing 2 purple knights

In the course of making the horse and knight outfits we had few that wore the same colors teams so to speak.  I wish I had take photos each day but I didn't so I can't show everything we worked on but you can get a hint of it.
This above and below is for the horse to wear this horse is ridden by a male knight.
This is the matching horse rode by a female knight.
This is for the female knight to wear this was during the construction process.  I love the stain glass effect by layering the leathers in the openings.

This is one of the female knights and Alex who did a lot of the mask work for the horses he is also the glueing-up king.  He has tons of talent he drawers characters for his usual living.
Jen during fitting saying what would and wouldn't work .
Beautiful horses all of them.

Fitting the muslin mask for use to use as the template to make the leather masks.
This is the other horse one has triangle diamond shapes and one is sort of like a carousel horse look.
Had to make bum straps sort of like garters or suspenders to hold this piece up so it would not interfere with the horses legs figuring out the length of the straps.

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Small origami

When your daughter is trying to figure out how small she can fold an origami flower.
My children have made origami for years... I have stepped on so many bits and pieces of paper torn or cut into little squares it is unbelievable... But I would feel bad if these little bits got stepped on.  I can't even see small enough things like this anymore to even attempt to fold this small. She was using small steel crochet hooks as her fingers to fold it.

Internship leather sewing Red Knight

I did a lot of sewing on the leather for the knights and their horses.  This set is for the main knight the son of the man that contracted the work.  The dragons are laser cut we did some free hand work ( free hand done by Alex Buie).
 Wish I owned an Industrial walking foot sewing machine.  They are a dream to use when sewing leather and on heavy items which a lot of costumes are.  One of my other jobs as an over-hire stitcher is to sew those aprons that you wear when getting x-rays the real heavy ones, I use a walking foot on those too at work.  I also work in a local playhouse theater where I help stitch costumes for plays and I work as a dresser there at times.

The different leathers used in these projects was cow, buffalo and deer skins. The different textures and weights of the different hides is interesting in how it drapes and sews.  It was interesting also how we pinned them together  as pins are not used they are glued up then sewn.


The female in this photo is one of the knighs.

 These photos where taken during the fitting.  We used painters tape to mark where we wanted things to go.  This was because it was easy to remove and didn't mar the leather.
 This is Jen, my mentor, and one of the Knights.

Contact McGrew Studios if you need some made

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