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Monday, February 21, 2011

Beaded lace caplet

I have been working on this for about 1 month on and off.  When ever I was waiting for my children to come out of school I would pull this out and do a little bit of work on it.  I am debating if I should write up the pattern and make it available if interested let me know by leaving a comment here in this post.
neck area detail

I got close to finishing a few days ago and realized I was not liking the way it hung.  The thread was too light and did not drape well.  So I decided I would add large rocaille beads to  the edge to give it weight and make it hang nicer than it was.  The thread is boil fast thread from Mexico  (Granny's is the name of it) but I found it thrift shopping in Utah.  I like the way it now looks now that it has weight and has been blocked.  This might look like it is a lot of thread but it is only 2 balls of that thread as that is all I could find and two jars of beads the whole thing when crumbled fits into the palm of one hand.  That is the main reason it needed the weight to hold it down.  I finished making it last night at 2 am (sick husband kept me up).  Got it wet and blocked it so this morning when I woke up it was all done.

There is no pattern for this at this time it is just what came out of my head as I crocheted.  Like I said above if interested in the pattern  leave a comment on this blog post if I get enough I will write it up and make it available.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


penguin front 
More samples from helping just be happy  with her new  book
Penguin here is the last hat from the book this is also the one featured on the cover of the book.
penguin right sidepenguin left side

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


close up

More samples from helping just be happy  with her new  book .  When I took this photo I had yet to put ties on it.
topright sideleft sidefront

Saturday, February 12, 2011


More samples from helping just be happy  with her new  book

May the force be with you

yodaWe have a good friend who is celebrating his 40th birthday real soon.  He is a big Star Wars fan massive understatement.  So my oldest daughter made this gift for him.  All my daughters love to make origami they are all pretty much self taught.  My husband and myself helped a little in the beginning but I haven't made anything this complex ever with origami.    She made this using a pattern for yodashe found on the internet.(when you get to the previous link click on the picture of Yoda to get to the tutorial). Here for the light saber.  If you think his other hand looks odd it is becasue he is holding his staff in that hand.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Beads and lace

detailPlayed with beads and lace a little bit this week. Don't know if I am going to keep this or frog it.  It was more an experiment than a project.  I know some people would say that was hours of work.  Well yes it was, but it was just meant as a study not something to keep.  I think doing studies every now and again gives you a feel for how things work.  So then you can incorporate the ideas into a project and you know ahead of time how things will look and work  that way you will want to keep the finished project.
two colors of bead
Just fyi size 30 dmc thread and rocaille beads the fact that I used rocaille beads is why I know it is just a practice piece.  becasue a real piece would have been done with tiny seed beads. I made about 3 yards
3 yards


right side
More samples from helping just be happy with her new book .
left sidefront

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Book sneak peak

Here is the badge I was given to show the new book"Countdown Calendars" I am in coming out in June. I love the photo the photographer too of my project in front of a window with the light streaming through it so cool.  You can pre order this book by going here you will not be charged till it ships in June.

Because of this book and my contract with the publisher certain items have been removed from my blog.  I will replace them and re -post those posts with new projects with a similar concept but different  than the book.  I will update when I have done that and give a link.


left side
More samples from helping just be happy with her new book .

right sidefronttopback

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Crochet Oya lace book in English

I have been looking for a while for an Oya lace book in English.  I have found one and it is available on Amazon for an inexpensive price compared to the ones from Turkey.  This book has the crochet version of Oya not the needle version.  It also includes 2 samples of tatted versions (on page 54 and the same photo is on the cover) in the photos but there are not any tatting patterns in the book.  If you already know how to tat you could make them from the photos.
The Beaded edge (inspired designs for crocheted edgings and trims)
Midori Nishida/CRK Design
88 page book
isbn 978-1-59668-300-6

Black and White pom pom scarf

front front
I was playing more with pom poms the other day and made this black and white scarf. Good for adults or children. This one is available in my etsy shop.
pom pom scarf


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