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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Internship McGrew Studios leather work, knights, horses

The words in this post are directly copied from my mentors post and I want to give her all the credit for it, Jen McGrew.  During this past summer I did an internship at McGrew studios Jen and Hraefn are amazing artist and pulled together a large group of us to get this project done. This is not a paid for add I am proud I got to work with this amazing group of artist. Please enjoy the photos.  I enjoyed patterning, stitching, glueing up , grommeting, brainstorming, lacing, dressing, fitting, and everything else I helped with on this.   This was very much a group effort of amazing people I would love to work with all of them again.

Wendy "Sunshine" Harbaugh

If you contact Jen and Hraefn (raven) studio please tell them hi from me.

that is Jen being silly love her to pieces

Below are all Jen's words not mine

"We made custom costumes for Young Living’s jousters, horses and squires in this fantastic project. This is the DGY (David Gary Young) Jousting Team of Young Living Farm in Mona, Utah, and they are amazing. The open, lattice-like costumes for the horses are called caparisons and their face shields are called chamfrons. We’ve created these with leather cut-work and inlay, embellished with decorative metal pieces, rivets and crystals. We built the horse gear using chrome-tanned leathers backed with synthetic Rhino Cloth for extra weight, durability and resistance to wear and mildew. Each horse echoes its jouster’s colors and sometimes his or her coat of arms, as in the case of Jacob Young’s dragons in black and red. The word caparison originates from the 1585–95 Middle French caparasson (now caparaçon) and the Old Spanish caparazón, akin to capa or cape. We made the jousters’ sleeveless surcotes from black bison hide. Each of these tunics laces up the sides and has specialty leather inlay as well as hardware and rivets in either gold or silver. Our design/build team for this was a BIG one- our shop’s usual staff plus additional stitchers and craftspeople jobbing in. A great project and so fun to make such fantastic looks for DGY. Great development by our team: Jennifer McGrew Hraefn Wulfson Diane Thompson Madeline Mann Alex Buie Carolyn Richardson Liam Buie Wendy Harbaugh Andrea Fabrega Isaac Doubek Anastasia Najarian Elijah Najarian Nathan Dobbin Konley Shanahan Dresden Williams Eliza Williams Cate Allen Nick Burke Magen Mitchell Uptown Embroidery Heather Skola Aubrey Kuefner Todd Baker Monica Ramirez DGY’s armor in these photos is by Valentine Armouries in Las Vegas, NV. Visit the Young Living farm events page for more info about jousting dates. Our thanks to HeadnHome for the leather cavalier hats. These are beautifully made and you were wonderful to work with:) Our thanks to Liz Davies, Young Living‘s Director of Farm Events and the whole DGY group. Our team loved working with yours. We look forward to more creative design as your production grows. Thank you to Robert Hirschi and David A. Boyd for your photos here:)"

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