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Monday, March 10, 2014

Yellow/Green Colonial Costume with pink flowers

This is a costume that I made for my middle daughter to wear last year to a Colonial tea party celebration.  I never got it posted so I thought I would do that now.  My computer was crashed at the time.  I started this outfit around 2 am in the morning making it and got it to my daughter by 10 am.  Yes eight hours to make the dress.

It was an easy sew because I had made a similar dress for my youngest daughter already so I did not really read the pattern as it was almost the same I just started sewing the dress and yes the fabrics are different just the general idea is similar.  When I had  a question or my mind was foggy I would glance at the pattern.

back 3back The yellow fabric with flowers is some I found at a thrift store for a bolt of it for 6 dollars.  I could probably make this dress a few times over with what I still have left over from the original bolt.  The pink cording you see on the dress is also some I found thrift shopping about 1 year after when I found the fabric. But it made nice details to add it to this dress.  The pale green fabric was on close out.  When she wore this too school she wore it with the snow queen shawl just as you see here.  The Mop top hat I did not get done in time for her to wear it then  but I did finish it after the celebration so it can be worn by the next daughter if she can fit into the costume that is.
colonial costume

sleevehemThe roses you see all over the dress I bought a long time ago when a child's clothing store was going out of business.  When I made this dress I did not go to the store for any supplies I already had all of them at home including all the trims , lace, zipper and so on.

When my daughter originally wore this last school year she had on a full petticoat that fluffed the dress up and filled it out and made it easy for her walk.  As you can see in these photos it drags but it does not with the proper under pinnings.

Update January 24 2015,

When I made this for my daughter it did not fit me.  I tried it on for fun then just to see if it would fit.  Was too tight in the sleeves and back area.  I have lost weight now this dress is now a little too big for me but I could wear it if I wanted too.  So happy dance I always make costumes for my kids but they are never for me now I can make them for the kids and I can wear them too.

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