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Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Donkey "Bottom" is all done

hooves and tailbraided tail with bowsI finished the Donkey costume  for the play.  It is not a full costume as it is to be removed and put on, on stage.  So it needs to be easy to put on and take off.  I thought it needed hooves for added benefit and to show that the donkey could not do anything for himself. So it has hooves that I made from ice-cream buckets that I
  • one cut apart
  • Then duct taped back together
  •  then paper mached over that
  •  then spayed with black enamel spray paint
  •  punched holes in the hooves
  •  and hand sewed to some tubes I made for sleeves that have elastic at the wrists and at the biceps.
  I did not have  a pattern so I made it up as I went along. 
Two tails made from imitation yak fur also no pattern just figured it out as I went long Just as I did the hooves.

all doneThe hood part is made from a part of a pattern for a rabbit another part made from a pattern for a kangaroo and yet another section made from a costume for a jester.   Then of course there is my modifications to make them work together and my additions to the patterns.  So it is not a pattern you can buy any where.  So I have the character Puck left to do then I think I am done for  awhile with the costumes for the play.  As the rest are our old costumes that the school owns we will use.  I also have to make a Gibson Girl costume for this daughter for her play Our town that she is in.  I also am testing  pattern for someone on ravelry but can not tell you what it is as that part is a secret.  I also have to get a cross stitch done in the next four days for a customer.  The shirt and pants you see in these photos are not part of the costume that is just a pirate shirt my daughter put on too have a shirt similar to those the boys may wear and those are just scrub pants.  She was a good sport for taking these photos as my other daughter would have none of it.

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