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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Mustard seed costume

This is the costume that my middle daughter will wear in the play.  She was sick for some of the photos thus the reason some are on a dress form instead of her.  She of course is playing Mustard seed one of Queen Titania's main fairies.  Since mustered is read hot to some people we put in red and orange to symbolizes the hotness of the spice the yellow and shimmery red/brown/yellow is fabric is to represent the colors mustard comes in when made into a sauce.
droopy wings grrrr

black wing
The corset on this one also laces up the front and back we used red lacing cord.    I also wanted a little detail in the corset so we added white pieing just a little hardly noticeable from a distance which is what I wanted.  The corset is two fabrics a yellow silk like fabric covered with an organza fabric that has glitter on it to make it sparkle on stage.  This costume is more about shimmering than sparkling as Peas Blossom was more about sparkle.  My mannequin is bigger than my daughter is so if you happen to notice it is laced different when it is on her that is to make it smaller and yet still have growing room for her so she and her sisters can wear it for a few years.

backI am not sure on these wings yet as I bought them and the elastic that came with them is not strong enough so I will have to replace it.  I am also not sure if  the wings are not too big may need smaller.    I also do not know if I like the fact that the glitter is on the back side of the wings not the front  In a play the back of a person is almost never supposed to face the audience so kind of annoying.  Wish I had know it was on the back when I bought them hard to tell in a package.

front no wingsThis dress we put a yellow crinoline under it to make the bottom have look more like a seed at least that was the goal not sure I achieved my goal or not.  But I think I did.  That was what the gathering was for too to make look like a curved seed or a flower bud facing down not opened yet.

annoying orange wingsMy daughter said it would make a real good fall fairy too.  I think it might make a good witch if I change a few accessories.

I tried it on my daughter later and took more photos decided the orange wings are just too big and the elastic in them is not strong enough so yes for now she gets black wings unless I can find a light weight set that is either red yellow or orange.  The black set bounce nicely when she walks looks like the wings are fluttering when she walks.  the orange did not do that and they dropped.  If any one knows of a place to get a set like the black one but red orange or yellow I would like to hear about it thank you.

My daughter was being a good sport in these photos as she was sick.
back of wings she has to hold them up

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