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Friday, November 25, 2011

Romanian Point Lace along

rpl pattern 5 inches by 5 inches
Version 1
version 2 for RPLAL
Version 2
rplround  number 3
Version 3
There is a Romanian Point lace along starting in the Ravelry group Romanian Point Lace.  You have 1 month to prep for it make your cord, and rings and get your pattern transferred to fabric.  I will be posting how to here on my blog  All three template links for this  RPLAL are below in this post click read more below left
I hope you join us in doing this.  There is a pdf link for this item on Raverly.  You can also get it here too it is just the pattern you see pictured to the left in this post.  No instructions just the template the instructions will follow here on this blog in the up coming 2 months as tutorials. My oldest daughter (13 years old) was kind enough to re draft this on the computer with mods and set it into a PDF form for you all to use.
download now Version 1
download now Version 2 
download now Version 3
This pattern was originally meant for Battenberg Tape  lace circa 1880-1910 but it has been changed to be used as a Romanian Tape lace pattern there are subtle differences between the two types of patterns that make it such that they can be used for each other if you do the modifications due to the thickness of the cord in Romanian point lace.  Those modifications have already been made so now this is a Romanian point lace pattern.


  1. where can I find a pattern for the cord? and for the rest of the stuff?

  2. where do I find the pattern for the cord and all the rest od the stuff??

  3. The cord is on my blog here

    The group link on ravelry is the first link in this post first sentence the words in a different color just click on them

    The RPLAL link is the second link in the first sentence

    The patterns are in this post that you commented on click on the download now button they are also in the ravelry group

  4. not sure what you mean "All the rest of the stuff" I am not sure what you are referring to the patterns are in this post if you mean the other items on my blog those patterns are not available. This is a beginner tutorial along to learn how to do this ( so none of the doilies are over 5 inches they are practice swatches/ornaments/coasters/motifs to get to learn how to do this before taking on something big. Big items people usually have to draft their own original patterns which is explained how in help section on the group on ravelry

  5. Hej! Vill du veta alt möjligt om den Rumänska makrame eller så kallad rumänsk point lace hur det är känd i övriga världen? Du kan hitta massor av information på min blogg: OM POINT LACE SPETS OCH ADHD utom teckningar (bilder på originala teckningarna) hittar du beskrivningen om hur man gör varje modell för sig!hälsningar ILEANA!

  6. thank you nice to have new blogger out there sharing Romanian point lace


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