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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Golden Pride and Predjudice dress

daughter in costume 

My oldest daughters class just finished reading Pride and Prejudice as a class.  To celebrate this they had a formal dinner with the students doing the after dinner entertainment by singing, playing instruments and so on.  There was also games if they wanted to do that.  I actually made four dresses for this even but only one actually got worn to the event.

I made this one for my oldest daughter so I will start here since this one actually got worn.

The fabric since I was asked about it a lot was a upholstery type fabric I use that a lot when sewing costumes.  But this is a light weight one.sidebodicefrontbackThe gloves we already had from school plays in the past.  The cameo is a real nice very old one I was given as a gift from my children's piano teacher.  I sewed it to the velvet ribbon as I did not want the clasp coming open as that part is weak and I did not want to loose it.  The trims on the dress are just little scraps I had lying around form other projects.  I also used an upholstery zipper I do that often because costume tend to get worse use than normal clothes.  It is and to tell in these photos but the under skirt has a pattern in the fabric too a little dot pattern adds a nice contrast when worn.  Originally I bought this fabric to help costume the play Pride and Prejudice a few years back. They ended up renting costumes instead so I never made them.  Which made it supper easy to make these costumes when my daughter wanted one as I had thought the costumes out over 1 1/2 years ago and had all the supplies already.  The school does rotate through the plays so they will probably be doing this play again.  Which means these will probably be used in the future for a play since I already have them made.  This would be a Bingly sister dress as it is too fancy in fabric for the other family.  This dress was actually made for the middle daughter to wear at the David Copperfield celebration but that daughter decided to wear the aunt March costume instead.  So when the oldest needed i figured oh hey i made one for the other sister yesterday so do not not have to make another.  Not thinking that my middle daughter is taller by a few inches than the older.  So the day of the celebration we realized I had not fixed the hem.  Good thing my daughter owned a nice pair of chocolate brown satin high heels with velvet trim to wear with this.  Which I had just happened to buy 3 days prior because they were on sale for 6 dollars and they were a perfect match.  She also ware a red cape I had made for the play little women that the character Jo wore.

The girl in the bottom right of the above photo had one of the other dresses I had actually made for her sister for a David Copperfield celebration but she forgot she could wear a costume thus she did not wear it.   This family has done all kinds of nice things for my family so this dress was a sort of thank you for that. I was sort of sad as there should have been four costumes there I made but there was only one I wanted photos of all four on the girls together.
Here are the only photos I have of it of her sister wearing the dress. Sorry I took these with my phone and they are not good images.  It is hard to see in the photo but it was a blue on blue brocade with a light blue overlay.  Mother of pearl buttons on the back and a white gross grain ribbon around the empire waist.

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