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Friday, March 07, 2014

Peas Blossom Costume

sideThis is one of several fairy costumes I am making for this years Shakespearian play a mid summer nights dream.  This is for Peas blossom it took about 20 hours to make.  The skirt was actually a dress I found thrift shopping  for 10 dollars that I cut off the top part of the dress to make the skirt added a new zipper and hook and eye and instant skirt.  I love the fact that all the fabrics have flowers on them.  Each fairy is going to have  a theme of sorts as described by that characters name  you will see what I mean as I make them.   Peas blossom is  pink flower with green leaves of course thus the color of this outfit.

We are planing a disco ball to be happening when ever the fairies are on stage and I wanted the sequins to reflect that light to make the stage more sparkling and to look like due on a flower.  I did not make the wings I bought them at Halloween time.
backskirtThe corset and shirt part I made. The corset is unique in that it laces up the front and back to accommodate more sizes of person. The girl playing this character is taller than my tallest daughter so it is dragging in these photos bu tit will not be on the actual character.  My daughter's toes are freezing in these photos it was raining and the grass was cold and wet she was a good sport.  You can see in this last photo to the right she had jeans and was trying to stay warmer.  Nothing like spring in Utah to have hail snow rain and sunshine all in the same day.  We went out again to take photos later in the day and she put shoes on as her toes were still hurting.

windy day back
bodiceThe sequins on this dress are getting everywhere from cutting the fabric.  I will have to remember that for future reference cut and sew quickly or your house will get covered with sequins falling off of the fabric.  If any one has any tips on that not happening I would be glad to hear them.

front windy day

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