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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cobweb's fairy costume

skirtThis is the costume for cobweb that I made.  Can I just say I have a love hate relationship with the pattern I am using and modifying.  Every corset I have had to split up the back as they have all been about 2 to 4 inches to big.  Yes double checked the patterns and the measurements more like quintuple checked.  The pattern is just made all wrong in the corset area.  So I split them up the back which means 8 more grommets per corset and 2 more sets of boning per corset and more seams.  All that so I can make the corset 2 inches smaller and still then it is even too big on some.

 Absolutely ridiculous I would think a Simplicity Pattern (number 1550 for those that are curious) would have been tested better than this.  It is  a good thing I have no fear of modifications to patterns.
  • When I did Peasblossom I used an entirely different skirt, and split the back and made multiple layers on shirt and corset where there wasn't to get the desired effect. 
  • On Mustardseed I split the back of the corset and gathered the skirt and also did  multi layers where there wasn't any on the skirt. 
  • Cobweb split the back, made multi layers on corset and multi layers on the skirt and added another set of extra grommet holes to the back of the corset different than the lacing ones to accommodate the cape/wings I made out of cobweb like fabric.  I also shredded the blazes out of the hem to give it a sort of tattered look that i want to this character. Then I sewed purple ribbons to the hips of the dress so that the black over lay of lace could be tied up on the skirt.  Which would then show the bright purple fabric under neath the black cobweb lace.
back cape wins
posingThis costume does not have as much glitter as the others have but it does have a real sparkly shirt and I will spray all the costumes with glitter before the first show to add more.  This costume is actually one of my favorite so far for the play.  I really love the wings I found for this character it looks like a spider is sitting on her back its legs form the wings.
I am debating on going back to each character and adding a single grommet to each hip to make a hole in the corset as I would like each fairy to carry a little pouch and that is where it could tie onto the costume.  Costumes never have pockets and they are useful as usually any character in any play usually  have to carry props at some point in time.  I'd like to accommodate that need before it is discovered that there is a need for it.  Two of my daughters wanted to try this one one.  The girl playing the part is more the size of my youngest daughter the day time photos.   But it does fit the red headed one too, the night time photos, who is taller and more grown up in figure so it will work for multiple people over multiple school years.
corsetNow off to make Moth's costume it is going to be very very sparkly because even though Moth's are active at night they like light so her costume reflects lots of light... Wish me luck!
back 2

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