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Friday, August 07, 2009

Apron drawing....Sew Mama Sew


I have an apron tutorial posted on Sew, Mama, Sew for their month of hand sewing. They have also posted an introduction in the contributors section. The apron is meant to be for children over seven years of age as it has real long ties that can tie in front on little children and they can carry lots of stuff in the four large pockets it has. It also works nicely as a big persons apron for clothes pins or any thing else you can think to put in large pockets.


If you want to make the above apron get yourself over to Sew Mama Sew and get all the directions .

The apron is hand embroidered but there is a little bit of machine sewing (about 5 mins of that) on it at the waist band which is easily done by hand I just was focusing on the chicken scratch more. So I think it passes as hand sewing and then some as that is what most of it is. Because I made this apron for Sew Mama Sews special hand sewing month I decided I would give it away as a reward for their readers and my readers

Sorry there are rules. It is to hard to do this without rules. Plus some of the rules make it funner for me. I want some funny stories for all my hard work. I got 5 hours of sleep in 3 days working on this
  1. Entries must be posted during the month of August 2009 and the first week of September2009 till the 6th drawing is on September 7th
  2. The comment must be to this post and have either your favorite apron story or a your favorite story about hand sewing that happened to you or people you know nothing made up please funny would be nice (also this is a family blog no bad stories please)
  3. You do have to leave a way for me to get a hold of you too. Any one who doesn't leave a link to either an email, blog or flickr account or some other way of getting a hold of you will be disqualify as it is to hard for me to track down people otherwise.
Good luck and Happy sewing



  1. That is a really cute apron! I really like the top you made also. I like to see the new things you create. I guess really the only apron story I have is about my grandmother (my Mama's mother) she used to always make clothes and aprons. Well, she made this apron for my mama and the apron part was really big but the ties to tie it with were only about 6 inches each! It was such a hoot! It was too big around for my mama and you could barely tie it cause the ties were so short. I still have that apron. It is among one of my most prized possessions.

    Have a Blessed Day,

  2. Came via sew mama sew. I really don't have a apron story other than at Thanksgiving, I had a tea towel tucked in my apron and was to to use it so I stuck it(tea towel)in the turkey I was about 5 when I did this. We had turkey with tea towel and stuffing, still a running joke about my cooking.

  3. I love that apron! I came over today from the Sew, Mama, Sew! Blog.

    Last Thanksgiving, I purchased an apron at a craft fair for my stepmother. It was the first time that she was cooking "Family Thanksgiving."

  4. That apron is absolutely adorable!

    My apron story is from college. My mentor asked several of us college students if we'd be willing to help bless the men of our church by serving in the kitchen with her at a men's retreat in Arkansas. Before we left for the retreat, she gathered us around and gave each of us our own apron and a recipe card with an encouraging verse on it. So we took our aprons with us and had a blast cooking together and enjoying our time there. It was the first apron I ever had and when I use it I always think of our time in Arkansas and how much I love my mentor!


  5. Love the apron.
    I can remember my grandmother and her aprons. She worn them out. She always had the bid kind and pinned them to her top.
    I'm also havaing a giveaway

  6. That is a beautiful apron! I was just thinking about buying gingham for another project. I can see I'll be trying some chicken scratch too now.

    I'm sure I'll think of a funny story after I finish this comment since I can't think of one now but I grew up with a mother who sewed, and I sew for my kids too. When I was a little girl my mother made me a crayon apron and now my little girl wears it for dress-up which makes me smile. http://www.random-charm.com/?p=33

  7. I love this apron. It looks like it's duable.
    The only apron story I have is when I first made an apron, about 3 months ago. I followed the pattern directions but for some reason the top was too big. Even though you could tie the top up it didn't work. It looked more like a baby carrier/sling. I haven't made an apron since and I think I will just stick to 1/2 aprons from now on.


  8. This apron is so cool! My favorite hand sewing story dates back to when I was teaching 4th grade Sunday School many years ago. The lesson was about Joseph's coat of many colors. I brought felt, needle and thread for the students to sew a miniature coat. Well, of all Sundays, this is the one that I had 12 students, 11 of whom were boys! I was shocked that they really got into it and enjoyed the sewing! lynnosborne[at]verizon[dot]net

  9. I love this little apron great job!

  10. Well, funny you should ask. While waiting for my husband to have some minor surgery yesterday I was embroidering a baby sheet with a little bear on it. After realizing I did the inside of his ears the same color as the outside I decided to try and be a little more careful. However, in a little while I looked down and realized I had sewed the ribbon in brown too.

  11. I love the apron! The women in my family have passed down their aprons through the generations. They are so special and treasured. I can't wait to pass one onto my daughter!

  12. I've always wanted to try chicken scratch - this apron is a great project to start with!

    My story is about hand sewing, becoming a mom, and unrealistic expectations. When I was pregnant with our first child, I was put on bed rest at 12 weeks due to a placenta problem. It resolved after a few weeks, but with my new time as a stay at home "mom" I was looking for something to do.

    I started a cross stitch project, a sampler from a Beatrix Potter design book. I didn't realize when I started how teeny tiny the stitches were going to be. We're talking, I had to wear granny glasses to see where to stitch! I got about halfway through the border, before I gave up. Now, 5 years later, I have three kids and am never going to find the time to finish it!

  13. Such a sweet apron!

    Sewing died with my mom's generation in my family, but I was enrolled in 4-H to learn to sew, which is weird because my Grandma who sews lived in the same town.

    Any ways, I taught myself to cross stitch and when I started dating my husband I taught my MIL to cross stitch and once I married her son she taught me how to quilt. And I love it! I pretty much love any sewing or handwork (embroidery, cross stitch, knitting, etc).

  14. What a cute apron! It turned out just great.

    Love your blog title. My daughter and my niece call my mother "Sunshine" instead of grandma. LOL

  15. When in a quilting class, we made aprons with our name on them to wear in class. For fun, a friend of mine brought one of her grandmother's vintage aprons. The top was so petite and narrow, that we all had a good laugh over how you had to decide which "one" you wanted to keep clean!!!! I also have a couple of aprons of my great-grandma's that are gingham with chicken scratch. I think that I am going to have to make some of these with my girls!!!!

    Thanks for the tutorial!!!
    Many blessings,


  16. What a lovely apron! I don't really have a funny sewing or apron story, I've only started to teach myself to sew in the last couple of years. I've certainly had a few dramas along the way, mostly involving cutting bits off garments that don't seem to fit but then realising that I perhaps needed them after all... I think I need a hold it all apron for myself, the one I made for myself only has tiny pockets :)

  17. What a cute apron! My apron story is going on right now. I bought a dress from the salvation army for $2. I've cut the sleeves and bodice and am adding some fabric for a waitband/ties. It's coming out so cute but already my daughter says it's too long and looks too much like a dress so I guess I'm going to cut it. I've posted pics on my blog. I'm having fun with it and can't wait to try more aprons out!

  18. Hi, there, and thanks so much for sharing this with all of us - my grandmother (she just turned 99 this year) used to use this technique, but asking her to show me how to do this would be much too tiring for her...so I am very happy to find directions here.

    As for my apron-story...when my daughter was in Kindergarden, her class celebrated "restaurant day": the students would split up into "cooks" and "waiters", set tables, and make and serve lunch for the other Kindergarden-class. They democratically voted for a name ("the blue fish restaurant"), made their own decorations and menus for the place (formerly known as classroom).

    The evening before the "big day", I thought of how nice it would be if they all had little notebooks to take down orders, and aprons to match, so I headed out to the store at 6 pm to buy 20 tiny blank notebooks, and started cutting and sewing up aprons for all of the kids, complete with a blue fish appliquée'd onto a front pocket that held a pencil and the little book.

    Little did I realize that it would take me until about 5 am to complete all 20 of them...I was dead in the water the next day, but I will never forget the looks on these 20 little faces when they realized that they all had a handmade restaurant-apron to wear and to take home. They were so proud and happy and surprised, I will never forget these big smiles...I haven't sewn another apron since (it's been 18 months), but am ready to get back to it now :-)


  19. My grandma always wore this thin cotton green apron when she was entertaining and a plain feed sack one the other times. A few times she accidently wore the green one "for company" over the plain "everyday" one--she'd forgottent to take it off first!

  20. My apron story....
    Way back in the mid-90's, my aunt sent an apron she'd decorated for my baby sister. She used a pre-printed panel of some sort, and did the fusible web with "paint pen" outlines. (I don't know what else to call them.... they were hugely popular for a while.) The neat thing is that one of the fabric pieces includes a recipe for sugar cookies - the best sugar cookie recipe I've ever tasted! Every year when we did the Christmas baking, Becca had to stand still for a few minutes so we could read the recipe off her apron! Now the apron is owned by my daughter, age almost-7. For the last couple of Christmases, she's helped me with some baking.... and just like her aunt so long ago, she has to stand still long enough for me to read the recipe off her apron!

    Oklahoma City, OK
    emlieser at cox dot net

  21. When I was a child, my grandmother gave me an apron she made and wore as a child herself. It was so worn-out!
    Last year, when I took up my hooks again I missed wearing a crafty aprong with large pockets to store yarn and hook so I resolved to make a cute one. Here is the result:

    Clover Apron

    Very simple but lovely! The truth is I only made the embroidery and design, and had to ask my mother to sew it for me. Now I'm learning to use the sewing machine. :-)

  22. Here is my apron story. One time in school we were doing a drama and I was the mother. I had an apron for my costume, but at some point I had twisted it around behind me (just a waist apron) to keep it out of the way. Well, I forgot to turn it around before I got onstage. I was mortified as 10 year olds tend to get over silly things like that.


  23. Your instructions are genious. Great job. I'd love to make one or win yours.

    I don't have very many apron stories, but I remember my mom always wore won. I used to keep one in my purse or diaper bag so I'd be ready to help out whenever I went visiting.

    Here's my embarrasing apron story: I try to fix myself up nice and often wear heels even to the grocery store. One time I found myself in the checkout line with a really cute outfit, makeup and hair done up and heels. The icing on the cake was an old raggy apron on top of it all. Ooops!

    I hope I win! angela@groceryshrink.com

  24. When I was a little kid my mom tried to introduce my sister and I to sewing. The idea was to hand piece some quilt blocks. But before you can do any sewing you have to cut out the pieces. Well, I was on the floor too close to the rug. I was so into cutting out my pieces I didn't notice the rug. I cut off about half the tassels on one side of the rug before my mom noticed. Oops.

  25. I just love your pink "scratch" apron!!..The first time I ever saw "chicken scratch" was on a quilt in a show in Tyler TX..it was pale lavender and just glowed.
    My apron story is true. My natal family had many kids so it was a MUST to wear aprons as we ate dinner..one sister hated coleslaw so she would hide her serving in the pocket, til after dinner , and go flush it down the toilet. Guess she forgot one time and Mum discovered it, because the next set of aprons we all received had NO pockets; I still giggle at the memory.

  26. I just looooove aprons!

    In junior high school, I was so excited to be able to take sewing class. Our first project was an apron. My grandma took me to Minnesota Fabrics to choose my fabric and sewing notions. It was a floral cotton. When it was finished and graded ( I got an A!), I gave to Grandma. She used it until she passed away nearly 15 years later. Recently, I got that apron back. My mom found it in a box of grandma's things that was forgotten about in a hidden corner of the basement.

    I've had a good time reading everyone else's apron stories.

    ~~Stephanie (stefunnyp.blogspot.com)

  27. What an adorable apron! My favorite memory story is gathering wood chips for kindling with my grandmother's huge comfy apron.

  28. This is the best children's apron I've seen! My daughter would love this! My favorite sewing memory is of my grandma, who is now in heaven. I used to love going to spend my summers with her. She taught me so much about everything. She always had a project for me to learn. She taught me how to hand sew among other things. I love to hand sew everything because that's what she taught me. I recently started to hand sew again & it reminds me of my grandma so much & makes me feel close to her. When I think of my grandma I remember her in the kitchen. She was always cooking! I can close my eyes & still see my beautiful sweet grandma in her apron. Thanks for sharing this apron & for bringing back memories of my grandma :)

  29. Thanks for doing this, Wendy. I really need an apron so I can feel more like baking.

    My apron story isn't funny, I'll tell it anyway. In 8th grade I took a home-ec class and we were sewing aprons one day. While there, the principal came in and told me that my grandfather had died. I was crying and crying. The girls surrounded me to give me comfort, but the teacher knew better. She said, "Just leave her alone and let her sew her apron!!!" I sewed and sewed and cried and cried. I finished the apron that class. It was very theraputic.


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