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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

How to make cream cheese mints

Here is our family's recipe for cream cheese mints
  • 1 8-oz. cream cheese, softened
  • 1 tsp flavoring or to taste
  • glycerine
  • food color to suit ( I use cake frosting food coloring paste)
  • 2 lbs powdered sugar
  • colored granulated sugar
  1. Mix together softened cream cheese, flavoring, and color 'till well blended, all one color not marbled. Note: If you don't soften the cheese first, it will not mix well.
  2. Add powdered sugar and mix to a dough-like consistency. This will be real think and dense in texture. Mix till it clings together in a large mass.
  3. Press into glycerine-coated, rubber molds that have been dipped into granulated sugar. You only use glycerine the first time to make the sugar stick after that the moister in the mints keeps it so the sugar will stick.
  4. Pop out: flip upside down, flex edges of rubber mold, and mint will drop out on plate.
  5. Set aside to dry, do not stack on top of each other or you will have a hugh mint block.
I don't know for certain where this recipe came from as it was hand typed in the family recipe book I was given from my mother-in-law one Christmas. I think she did them or learned how to do them at a Relief Society meeting, a womens' group. I use this version of the recipe because it is the one my husband made as a kid, so that is the one he likes.

For rubber molds, go to:
Shepherds Cake and Candy, Provo/Orem, Utah.
(The rubber molds are not on their web site, but you can call; they have them in the store.)
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  1. wow your making me think we are related with the mints and the yoyo dolls!

  2. Are you Portuguese and Italian if so who knows

  3. These look delicious and I LOVE. your site!

  4. thank you they taste good too.
    thank you
    for stopping bye

  5. Do you think you could form these with a mini scoop or something if you don't have molds? Could you sprinkle the colored sugar on after?

  6. yes you don't have to have molds. You can roll a ball inyour hand then roll that in colored sugare and press with fork tongs like you would a peanut butter cookie.
    Or roll in ball then coat with sugar and press the back side of a wooden spoon in the middle of the ball to add some character.

    You can also roll it out like cookie dough and use real tiny cookie cutters the ones that are less than 1 inch and then press those in sugar. Or any other item that might cut the dough doesn't have to be a cookie cutter just a small shape that can cut through the dough have fun with it.

  7. This is a Minnesota staple for graduations. I have a co-worker making hundreds of these for her youngest's. If you live here and don't know what these taste like, you probably dropped out of high school. The extras from parties are something to look forward to at work! Great blog by the way!

  8. You mention to leave them out to dry... do they not need to be refrigerated with having cream cheese in them? Thanks.

  9. My mother in law never refrigerated them and I haven't either. Haven't had a problem. But if you want to do that please feel free to. They will have a different texture than I am use to but since you are not use to that it shouldn't matter.

    The other recipes I have looked at say leave out to dry as well. So I guess they don't have to be.

  10. This is the exact recipe my family has used for years and I grew up in Nebraska. I lost my copy and I was the only one left that still makes them. Thank you for having it here.

  11. For those people worried about leaving raw cream cheese out to dry unrefrigerated, there is a version of this recipe where you cook the cream cheese, butter, and sugar, all together over low heat on the stove, and then add the flavoring/colors and shape them when the dough is cool.

  12. not sure that would be any better as it is still food left out to cool and such when not refrigerated.

  13. If I would go and make a whole bunch a month before my wedding and freeze them; would they still be OK?

  14. I don't know never tried that. But you could try a small batch two months before the wedding and test them at the 1 month mark. Personally I think the freezer would cause issues in the mints when they came back to room temperature. I would think making some and letting them dry out completely would be better. Then store the dried out mints.

  15. How much would you charge someone to make a batch of say 750 cream cheese mints for a family function??

  16. the most I have ever made at one time was about 300 and that was for fun I did not charge the people involved. It was for Christmas gifts. I know it took many hours to make them. So I am not sure if you want me to make these or if you want to charge some one for you to make them. Either way a batch would need to be made figure out the time involved and how many where made during that time divide the number made by the minuets used to see how much time per mint it takes then multiple that by how many mints you want made. That is your cost in time then you have the cost of supplies add up the price for one batch and figure out how many batches will need to be made to get to the desired number needed. Multiple the number of batches by the total cost for one batch of mints. This is your total supplies cost. Add the two totals together and that would be my total cost to make them.

  17. I freeze my mints when I make them, just make sure and take them out of the freezer about 4 hours before you need them. I have frozen them for up to a month.

  18. Hi,
    I'm from Iowa & this is the same recipe I have. I love to make them with butter flavoring.
    I always make them ahead of when I need them & put them in tupperware with waxed paper between the rows. I have left them in the freezer for extended periods of tiem (couple of months) & the are still great. In fact, I love them straight out of the freezer before they thaw out. They are harder than when thawed but you can still bite right through them. I've never had any problems with any issues when thawing out, just put them on your serving tray prior to using.
    I like your site!

  19. thank you for the nice comment and the helpful hints for my readers.
    take care


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