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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Swedish weave

These two blankets are made in the Swedish Weave technique. I did not make these; my Mother-in-law did. We took a class together to learn how to make these. I started one long ago that I have never finished. She wants to make one for each grand kid. She is playing "get caught up" at the moment. She is the mom of nine kids, so you can guess that there are a lot of grand kids already, and lots more coming all the time. These two blankets are my oldest daughter's and my littlest daughter's. The middle one is still waiting for hers because there are so many grand kids. The reason the oldest and the youngest have them and not that the middle one, wasn't that she was skipped because that didn't happen. The youngest was born right about the time we learned how to do this type of embroidery/weaving. So she got either the first or the second, one can't remember now. Now, mom is going back starting with the oldest grand kids and working her way down the list with new grand kids thrown into the mix as well. Because, if she goes the other way, the older kids keep growing and she has to make bigger blankets to cover them. This way, the blankets all stay about the same size and she gets caught up right as the next kid grows into that size of blanket; makes sense. The top right one belongs to my oldest daughter; the bottom right one belongs to my youngest daughter. My SILs pick the patterns for their kids blankets which is fine you can make sure they are all different that way. I find it more fun to just let my MIL pick what ever yarn and pattern she wants that way she can have more fun making it. Also it lets me know that it was more from her heart something she likes.


  1. Hi. Someone on the WeaveTech list commented on your Swedish Weave photos so I had to come visit and see. Lovely! One of my fiber interests is handweaving, but eons ago I did a lot of embroidery, so I have two things to admire here.

    Also love your jeans rug and quilt projects. Very clever!

  2. what is the Weave Tech list. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  3. WeaveTech is a Yahoo email group. Its topic is intermediate to advanced loom weaving. The web address is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WeaveTech/
    Someone in that group obviously visited your blog and passed the link onto the rest of the list. Their comment caught my eye, because I've been exploring lace weaves, including Swedish lace. But, having a background in embroidery, I was able to appreciate the Swedish Weave embroidery technique as well.

    You are making quick progress on your rug. How did you get the center to lie out flat?

  4. It isn't hard to get a rug to lay flat you just have to increase as needed which means on the curves you skip one strand of the out side braid to make an increase. Usually you increase in threes when you have a regular pattern. On this rug it doesn't matter how many increases I make as long as the two ends are the same. Meaning if I increase six stitches at one end I increase six stitches at the other so they have the same shape.

    Thanks sunshine


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