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Friday, February 02, 2007


I forgot it was Friday and I was supposed to post a WIP! Well, I started this before Thanksgiving -- putting all the stuff in my sewing room in clear plastic boxes so I could see what was in each box. I was straightening my sewing room, too; it got put on hold right after Thanksgiving because of sick kids and holiday stuff. Now I am back to the project and have sick kids again. The joke at our house is, you never want to be in this room during an earth quake or no one will ever find you under the fallen boxes. All I have left is to clean off the remaining stuff on the table area, which is stuff that was in the wrong boxes when the boxes where opaque. This room has ceilings that are eight feet tall and every wall is filled to the ceiling with boxes.

My other WIP is this cute little girl, trying to get her well. If you notice, her skin is pink and her face is a little swollen. This is my daughter who has scarlet fever and those are some of her symptoms. She was being real good and smiling for me.


  1. LOL. I had to show my husband this pick and show him I'm not the only one! Oh, and my 5 year old has strep throat, too. Have a great weekend from frigid Chicago!

  2. I am sure a lot of craft people have rooms like this that are more a storage room than a project room. Someday I will have a studio big enough for supplies , books , and projects going. Right now the books that I use are in three differnt rooms, and the project are in two other rooms not counting this room.

    I hope your little one is better soon.

    Mine will stop being contagious late Sunday night according to the doctor because of the medicine she is taking. She actually looks good in the photo. As the day before when she hadn't had medicine yet her face was so swollen her nose was flat with her checks. Meaning her cheeks had swelled to the height of her nose. Looked very painful.

  3. Oh what a blessing, high ceilings that allow you to store more stuff. (ok not the right answer but a thought). I hope your little one is better soon. I am never sure who suffers more, Mom or Baby.

  4. I didn't even know children still got scarlet fever! She looks like a cutie and I imagine she's both fun and a handful, when she's feeling better.

    I think you win the stash contest. =)

  5. Oh oh do I get a crowm or better yet additions to my stash. Funny you say htat as on my hand embroidery group I was told I didn't have much when I said I had a few totes just for embroidery thread. Of course I never mentioned the 10 totes for crochet thread and fany yarns that can be used in embroidery or the two totes of pearl cottons and the list goes on and on and on I am not kidding it is a danger zone. Thanks for looking ladies. SHe is still feeling sick but her color is starting to look normal.

  6. I had scarlet fever when I was her age ... it's no fun ... hope she's getting well soon ...

    Best Wishes from


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