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Thursday, February 08, 2007

SRE = Silk Ribbon Embroidery

A few years back I was taking classes at the West Jordon Stitching Corner (sad they are now out of business). One of the classes I took was to improve my silk ribbon embroidery. This class was taught by Esther Randell, and here you see one of her designs. She used to be the owner of YLI (the founder actually). I like this; I just have never figured out what to do with it. I think if I made it into a pillow it might get wrecked, stitches pulled and the like. It will probably be framed in the future. I have this idea of a pale pink, yellow, and green guest room some day (with pink as an accent color not a main). Who knows, I may start liking pink if it is in a guest room, because I wouldn't have to be in there every day and it would be a change of pace. There are three different sizes of silk ribbon used and a few different thread weights of silk denier. This piece measures fourteen inches square.


  1. What a lovely piece. And such good memories attached to it. With that history written on the back of the framed piece your progeny will have a real treasure

  2. Such a lovely piece and wonderful history to go with it.

  3. Very pretty Sunshine, I would like to learn to do that.

  4. love your bouquet; those sweet colors are beautiful.

  5. Wonderful! I have always wanted to try silk ribbon embroidery!! Even got some books on it!! How delicate those petals look!!

  6. That is gorgeous, l have been doing some embroidery have some silk ribbon but not tried it yet, but after seeing how good this looks , will have to try it!

  7. Thank you all for all the compliments. If you have not tried it please do it is fun and just as hard or as easy as you make it.

  8. Beautiful! I'll be reading your blog next, Sunshine! I, too, have wanted to learn ribbon embroidery and Brazilian Embroidery (not too sure how it differs)....but have not had access to a teacher. This month my stitchery guild is having a class on rug hooking. I guest that is my new learning opportunity for now. Sure wish they would offer a class on Silk Ribbon Embroidery.

  9. thank you penny I looked at your blog lovely I like your tutorial on yo-yo hearts I added it to the links on the yo-yo group. I have actually done hearts before, squares and ovals. They all give a little different look. Just hadn't see a tutorial for one. Thanks for making it. You could enter that garland in the Valentine challenge in the ga ga for yo-yos group flickr.com/groups/yoyogaga/

  10. Please share a photo of your square and oval and heart yo-yo's. I had never seen the heart before, and I would enjoy seeing your interpretation. I have also not seen an oval or square. Sounds intriguing. Thanks for adding then tutorial link to your group. I enjoyed the Clover page for their yoyo maker. Had a bit of fun finding the English version. *grin* I'll have to go read about your Valentine Challenge now. Thanks!

  11. I like how it looks realistic! Very pretty!

  12. I like the simple things. It is beautiful Sunshine and should be framed.
    Hugs, Norma

  13. That is beautiful, Sunshine. I hope you get your guest room to hang it in. A couple of years after No. 1 step son moved out, we redercorated his old room as a guest room. I framed my Japanese Phase I and a sampler to hang in there. Six months ago he moved back in with his girlfriend and they didn't want my embroidery in their room. No I have to find a new 'home' for them.


  14. Thanks! That's beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    Ginger in NC

  15. HI


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