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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Shamrock from Penny's Hearts

On Penny's blog there is a tutorial/pattern for a heart shaped yo-yo pattern. If you make three hearts out of green fabric, you can make a 3 leaf cover. I used blue thread so everyone could see it for photos normally I would have used green.
  1. Make cord for stem. You could also use I cord or a piece of ribbon.
  2. Cut leaves.
  3. Form them into hearts.
  4. Stitch hearts together about 1 to 1 1/2 inches up from bottom point and stitch back to point and do next heart; repeat step all the way around till 3 hearts are joined.
  5. Attach cord making sure not to twist the end of it.
  6. Stitch sides of cord together.
  7. Near the end, to form curve, stitch once on one side then the other then back in the same hole as the first stitch do this 3 times sort of a gathering stitch.
  8. Attach pin to back of shamrock and wear on St. Patrick's Day.
Next time I am only going to use one button right in the middle instead on one on each leaf. I think it will look better.

I also made a garland using these same hearts for St. Patrick's day.

I have a group on flickr about people who like to make yo-yos and and make things with yo-yos. The fabric type not the toy type you are welcome to join.
Ga-Ga for Yo-yos. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr


  1. What a cute, cute idea! You clever girl - I think I'll make some for my patients. Great idea!

  2. Wow! you seem to be a creative genius for the way you have made those beautiful craft items using simple things at home. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Wow! I have some celtic knotwork fabric scraps that are going to rock as shamrocks! I know what I'm doing next week! Thanks.
    : )

  4. I love that! I am going to have to try that one!

  5. This is a delightful use of the heart yoyo!! Great fabric too! Please remind folks to visit your Flickr group, Ga Ga for Yo Yo's. There are some amazing ideas for using YoYo's in your photo group!

    Sid Simpson....when you make your shamrock from the celtic knotwork fabric that you mention, I would love to see a photo! Please share a photo!

    Sunshine, great creativity! Thanks, also, for the little plug of my free Heart YoYo pattern!



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