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Friday, February 09, 2007

WIP Royal Purple

I have a nine year old who has out- grown six dresses in the last two weeks. So I decided I needed to look through my patterns and fabric and see what I could come up with.

This scan is two different fabrics; one sheer on the left, and one brocade middle and right. I might use the front and the back of the brocade to add variety to the dress. The picture of the fabric doesn't really do it justice because it is a real royal plum purple. The picture makes it look more blue.

The fabric was originally purchased six years ago for a Halloween Renaissance costume for me that I never made. I think this is a better use of it now, anyway it will get worn more. Plus I have a ton of it because the original pattern had lots of layers and trains. So I think I might have enough left over to make an oriental looking dress for me (cheong sam; I already have three chipu ones).

The pattern for the kid's dress was found at a thrift store and the largest size was cut so every thing should work out fine; if I want a smaller size, it is all there (50 cents). I still have to measure her to see if this pattern will work; I'll do that when she gets home from school. If not, back to the box of patterns to figure out a different dress, same fabric.

Update: well she is smaller than I thought. So I wont be using the Butterick pattern but the Simplicity one instead. This pattern was given to me by a lady in my neighborhood awhile back after she realized her kids where too big to use it.

The pattern I was talking about for me, if I ever get to make it, is this one by Mc Calls.

The color of the fabric is somewhere between the top scanned in image and the bottom three photographs.


  1. I love the cheong sam (last dress) on the page! I hope you make one soon as I think they are the most beautiful outfits. I'd always hoped that my mother would buy me one when I was a kid.

  2. Don't you just hate it when they hit those growth spurts and outgrow everything? Those dress patterns are darling, btw...


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