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Thursday, February 01, 2007

More Handmade Valentine's

Sweetharvesthomested sent this lovely bookmark she made and a lovely card. Plus, the fun of confetti strikes my husbands office again. I love the on-going themes we have here with confetti and stamps. I am getting better at opening these. I now purposely open them up over the scanner, so if anything falls out it lands on the scanner bed and is ready to be scanned in. I love this little picture of a rose; very sweet. It is amazing how many different types of confetti must be made and used.

This one is from Bramble. She sent it in a bubble wrap envelope as a lot of the cards have had issues going through the mail if they where even slightly bulky. This one was well beyond bulky, in a good way of course. There was the lovely hand made card on the left top side of the scan. Then there was the envelope that is shown open in the bottom right of the scan. Inside of the flower envelope on the bottom were the two things of candy, the chocolate heart, and the bag of sweet hearts. I love all the work that went into this card. It was well thought out. Very lovely for the eye to behold.

I have all of these cards hanging in a long doorway leading to our bedrooms. I am sure my husband must be hitting his head on them, but he hasn't complained, yet. I am starting to think I won't have enough room on this garland to hang them all.

Luzy's was cute from outside to inside. First she cut out a heart to use as the closer on the back of the card (look to left of this post). Then, when you opened up the card, there was decoration on both the front and the back of the card as well. I have no idea how long it would take to make thirty-four cards like this, but my guess is a long, long time. It didn't stop there; when you opened the card you were greeted by even more items she cut out and drew on and glued. I think she must have become a little kid all over again doing all of these. As you can tell the theme from the other day of the kiss stamp is continuing on. I like it; makes it all the more fun.

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