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Monday, July 02, 2007

Weekend in Review

So, we went to a family reunion in Enterprise, Utah. About 5 hours there and 5 hours back, plus a day in the sun, can wear a person out. Not to mention the lovely sunburns my children received. The oldest didn't really burn, but as we went down the line it got worse 'till we got to the 5 year old who is a rock lobster. I feel so bad for her; we even covered her with sun screen. I am guessing she was in the water too much so it washed off, and we didn't realize it. Don't ask me why I didn't realize it; I am picky on those things, and it didn't even occur to me that day. That's not like me. Now I could kick myself. I was up most of the night with the little one trying to keep her comfortable while she slept. Not an easy task. That red back belongs to my 5 year old -- OUCH!!!!!! The cute kid in the striped suit.
The family did have a lot of fun while at the reunion. My husband got a ride on his cousin's bike. It was a real sweet ride, to say the least. The girl in the photo is his cousin who owns the bike.
sweet ride

The kids had lots of fun in the sun on the blow-up water slide.

blowing kissessun fun

They, the kids, also had fun attacking my husband; like I said before, he is the human jungle gym. Even his sister got into the act. A few nieces and nephews also got into attacking him. I think he was a little overwhelmed for about 3 seconds, then he came out on top; the kids thought it was great. The little niece who is in green and yellow was piggy-back when he got up, and she went for a running ride on his back while every one ran after him trying to get him again. They all had a blast.

I also got a lot of Fourth of July triangle head scarves made this weekend for a swap I am in. I am hoping the other items come for the swap soon. Still waiting on two people. The Fourth is in two days, so this will probably end up being late. But hey, these can be used next year, too. I made these during the 10-plus hours of being stuck in a passenger seat. Productive time; the only I have had in a few weeks.

Don't forget, today and tomorrow are the last days to sign up for the quilt drawing. Go here to sign up.

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