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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

#8 of the 25 motif challenge started

close up of number 8 in 25 motif tatting challenge
This is number #8 in my quest to complete the 25 motif challenge. This pattern came from a circa 1900 salesman tatting sampler that I have hanging in my front room. You can see a corner of it in this post. I will make this as long as the thread will let me; I only have the one ball, so not too long. This is size 80 vintage variegated yellow tatting thread that was given to me as a gift.

number 8 in 25 motif tatting challenge

The pattern is
R= 4, picot,4, picot, 2, picot,4,picot, 4, close ring make joins on 1st and 4th picot of rings
ch= 5, picot, 5

For those of you who are lace makers, yes, this doily has a coronation cord edging.

I wanted to make 25 edgings, but that may change now to bugs. My daughter, as most of you know, wants a butterfly bedroom. So the idea came to me of the curtain and now a new idea has come for a wall decoration. She is a little girl who likes bugs but doesn't want to kill them, so I am thinking I will tat, crochet, needle lace what ever I can think of to make some lace bugs for her. Then we will put a pin in them and place them in a shadow box just as you would a real dead bug collection. But in this case she gets to name the bugs and nothing dead is on her walls. If any tatters or lacers want to help me and make a bug or two for her room, we would happily put your name below that bug as the creator of it. If not, then it will just be our own bugs.

the Mad Tatter. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr


  1. I am in awe of how fast you are tatting. It takes me forever to do just a little bit.

  2. Thanks! I think I'm finally getting it!! I have learned to smock and now I'm hoping to tat the lace for the sleeves of the little dresses.


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