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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Dance costumes

IMG_3105So for those of you that come to my blog and like to see costumes here are the costumes we wore to the Valentine's Dance.

So here is me and my husband as little Red riding hood  and the Big Bad wolf (corset and green skirt and blouse made by damsel in this dress).  The white skirt is a petticoat I made for Little Woman and the red hooded cape is one I found at Zurkers.
I also made my a cape today that I did not post about but you can see it here.  100% wool that I scorched to make look old and damaged so currently it smells a  little ( a lot) of burn wool.  So does my front porch.  The cape has since been washed smells better and is now felted and looks old just what I wanted for the dance but did not have time to do ready for the next go round.  

The nose I did not make it was also from a store called Party Works. He is wearing a pirate shirt too so when he would get to hot in the costume he could still look like he was in a costume sort ta.

You can see the other costumes in the read more section of this post.
This is my children with a long time friend of the family.
My oldest went as batgirl her dress was from hot topic, black shirt damsel in this dress, and cape I made for Little Women, vintage 1950's petticoat found thrift shopping by a friend of ours who knew we would love it.  The above photo I took for my daughter she wanted an image that would remind her of Phantom of the opera batman/batgirl style she wants to draw it.  Somehow my oldest daughter kept coming out blurry in photos so I truly only got the one good one of her above with her sisters.  Same happen with the youngest but I got one of her sitting with her tardis headband on.

IMG_3119My middle daughter went as a steam-punk Alice in Wonderland Most of her costume came from Damsel in this dress, she worked the bunny to make him steam-punk with a gear eye and things of that sort.  Blouse and white petticoat thrift shop finds.  She has red stockings on that have card symbols on them to represent the Queen of Hearts and so on.  I Hand knit the gloves she is wearing.  This daughter loves Alice in Wonderland if you remember last year she was The Queen of Hearts for Halloween and the Mad Hatter's daughter for a school costume dance.

IMG_3114My youngest went as a Tardis lots of Whovian's in this house.  The dress and headband that really lights  came from hot topic for the last Halloween second time she has used this costume, blouse from Damsel in this Dress, !950's Petticoat thrift shop find from a friend.

So for those who come here to look at costumes and send me emails as to wear they come from there you go.  Happy hunting and costuming  half the fun of costuming is the finding the and hunting for what you want.


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