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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Girls Choice Dance "A starry Night"

making french beaded items
The above Photo is what my kitchen table looked like this morning from 5 am till about 3 in the afternoon when I finished making a lot of  beaded items.  Yes I had out way too many supplies but I like choice as I am working so that is how it goes.  Get out more than you need so you know you have what you want out.

It was dance day and I had yet to make the boutonnière for my oldest daughter or her hair pieces.  My middle daughter is not old enough to date yet and had friends going to another dance that was not a date dance so she went there instead.  I also  made her a special hair piece since she had choosen not to go to the school dance.  She could have gone stag but thought it more fun to be with a group of people not all paired off.

So this was one of two girls choice dances this year at my kids school had the theme " A Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh".  So when I went to make the young mans boutonnière I wanted the colors of the painting to show in the bout.  So I used black , blues. whites, purples and yellows and silver to sparkle like stars.  Yes as always I made a French Beaded Boutonnière.

two hair picks and one bout

The main flower on the young mans bout was made from black cut bugle beads.  I use a bead spinner to get the beads onto the wire faster.
black cut bugle beads
 Here are some close up of the details of the boutonnière encase you are interested in that type of thing.

silver bead pick for bout
central flower for boutI know there it not really in silver in the painting.  But I wanted some shine and sparkle in the item.  Also my daughters jewelry was silver so it would match her too.

small flowers for boutonnièreThe painting has sort of purple landscape in some spots so I added little purple flowers to the piece too.

The center of the main flower I made yellow like the moon and stars in the painting.  The black of course is like the large formation in the left of the painting.  Below people are always curious about the back of my work.  So here is  a photo of the back to make those people happy.
back of flower

detail boutonnière
Little touches of blue in the leaves and little bits of white and lavender in the accents.  What would normally be something like wax flower or baby's breath in a real fresh flower boutonnière.
bout finished

bout finished
boutonnièreMy daughter got ready at a friends house so I was never able to get photos of her or her date all dressed up.

So here it is pinned on my dress form not the same I know but the best I could do in the situation.  I hope I get some photos form the other mom's so I can have some.

So it has bugle beads, size 11 seed beads, size 6 seed beads, Swarovski crystals, mother of pearl and some silver like beads and of course lots of wire.

hair stick
I also made two hair picks for my oldest daughter to wear in her hair.

I made hers similar in style but not the exact same as the guys.
details for hair pick
I added little bits of silver and white as accent flowers.  her main flower on one of her hair picks was made from multiple shades of blue and white bugle beads.  The center of the flower is made with white jasper beads The little silver accents are some beads I found one strand of once at Michael's they are my favorite beads to give  a little shake and shimmer to a piece sad that is the last of them.  I have not been able to find something like them since.

I also made her a black flower hair stick to sorta  match the guys flowers.

hair picks
0ne bout and two hair picks This is all the pieces that went to the preference dance.    The hair picks I had to make my daughters hair curly and fluffy to hold them we said it looked like she had mini dread locks for the night not exactly true but fun to say.  But what she actually had was what was like a spiral perm in the 80's minus the perm.  You twist a very small amount of hair first the roll that hair in a sponge curler and sleep on it the hair should be mildly damp (very slight) when doing this.  The curls will last all day and into the night even after she was snowed on she still have some wave and curl left in her hair.  Which is absolutely amazing for my family as we all have straight spaghetti like hair. 

 If you look closely in the two photos below you might see what we mean by mini dreads.
hair picks on daughter
hair picks finished
As this post is super photo heavy I will post the hair comb in its own post.

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