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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Snowy Feather Lace Cape Finished

IMGP4675My kids had a concert choir retreat this weekend.  I got called by my middle daughter saying my youngest had to be rescued off of the mountain and that I needed to go up there.  My family is bleeders and this is what she was afraid of that my youngest was having a joint bleed and a bad one. Several of my family member have Von Willenbrand's Disease it is genetic similar to Hemophillia.  So I had to instantly go up the Canyon about an hour drive to where my kids were.  With her medicine and bandages and so on.  Since this was four hours before the retreat would be over I took my knitting project with me.  Easy to do as it was already  in my car.  I took care of my kid and then sat down for the retreat to be over and continued to monitor my youngest.
IMGP4676While sitting there I got all but the last row of my knitted cape done. Which I did when I got home as well as getting wet and hand blocked it.  It was a pretty quick and easy knit to do.  I really like the way the lace came out on this project.  I do not usually get to make things for myself to keep.  So it is nice to make something for myself.

I would say more about the accident but I would not be able to say anything good about the rangers and their lack of help.  I am grateful for the father of one of my middle daughters friends.  Who packed out my child on his back for a mile.  Not a small feet since she weights 125 pounds.  I am grateful for my middle daughter who kept her head (not like the teenagers with her who panicked) she got help and took over when the EMT's did not know what to do.  So she checked for a break or a sprang.  Then placed the compression bandages on my youngest after she had iced the ankle by packing her glove with snow and stuffing it in my daughter boot so it could be cold but not make her sock and pants wet ( oh yes the EMT's did not even have those bandages she had to go buy them).  I am glad my children have been taught to be self reliant and to keep a level head too.

Amusing the name of this is snowy feather because my daughter who is 13 years old, was snow shoeing and only weighs 125 pounds for her height of 5 foot 6 a feather at that height.  It will always be a reminder of the day she was carried off of the mountain.  So apropo.



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