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Monday, January 05, 2015

A gift for a new friend

IMG_2782My children and I love going to Ren Fairs.  We go to one every chance we get one of my favorite vender's at the local Fairs is Damsel in this Dress.  If you have never seen her work please check out her websites it is amazing.  She also has a strong web presence.
IMG_2776Just so you know she did not ask me to post this I am doing it because I love her works of art in clothing and costuming.  I am also all for a woman who can stay with her kids and run a business.

We talk to her any time we see her at a ren fair.  My kids just adore her as do I.  She gives off a great vibe of love and friendship.
IMG_2774So recently my daughter decided she wanted to make Michelle the owner of Damsel in this Dress a birthday gift.  Even though she did not truly know when her birthday was sort of an un-birthday gift as you would have it.  My middle daughter is in love with Alice in Wonderland and through the Looking glass so Un-birthdays are important.  Makes a person feel all days are special.

So she made her earrings ( I hope her ears are pieced as I truly do not remember at this moment.  a bracelet and a necklace. The green beads are made out of stone.  The round rocailles are glass and I think the square bead is Lucite but not sure on that one.

Because we have bought stuff from her in the past we have her business address so that is were it was mailed to many happy returns of the day to you Michelle and hope when ever your true b-day was/is it was/is  a great one.  These were put in the mail today so she should get them tomorrow or the next day.  So yes this is a spoiler.

IMG_2775At some point I should take pictures of the pieces I have from Damsel in this Dress so you can see her work you have seen bits and pieces of it when you have seen some of the costumes my kids wear but usually I am the one wearing this ( and usually I am not in photos) and the kids wear the costumes I make.  Every now and again I will let them wear her stuff.  They feel extra special when they do as usually those are my costumes as I never have time to make costumes for myself as I am always making them for every one else it seams.  Since Michelle works ren-fairs a lot and red is a common color for ren-fair clothes my daughter made these in red for her so she could wear them with costumes if she so chose to.IMG_2777IMG_2778


  1. The necklaces you have been making are so lovely! I enjoy seeing them all. :)

    1. Thank you my family loves to play with beads and French beading is one of favorite techniques to use.


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