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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Lace Knitted "Snowy Feathered cape"

old photo this is the type facinator I mean
I have been working on this knitted lace caplet for a few weeks on and off (I keep misplacing my project go figure)I think my kids keep moving my project bag so they can play just dance on the wii.   

I have made several lace capes/ponchos in the past.  I wear them in the summer to make simple shirts a little fancier but still cool for the temps of summer.  Yes there is snow on the ground in my front yard but that is irrelevant to this.

This one might be able to work as a fascinator too I am not sure yet. There are several types of fascinator the type I am discussing is  sort of like  a lace shawl scarf  warn to add a pretty frame around the face.

Below are some links to some caplets I have made in the past if you are new to my blog and have not seen them.

  1. Pink tatted/ crochet caplet I still own and wear this one
  2. Blue knitted capelet was for sale at one time but I ended up giving to a neighbor of mine for a birthday or something like that
  3. Beaded crochet caplet lace cotton thread I still own and wear this one
  4. Yellow crocheted caplet I gave to a sister law as a Christmas or a birthday gift can not remember which now.  Along with a matching hat I made.

As you can see this one is still a work in progress.  I plan to write up the pattern when I am done it is super simple in reality.  But because it is lace weight (0) size 10 thread it takes a little time to get any length on it.  I also have not decided as to how long or short I want it.  I have not decided if I am going till this current ball of thread runs out or if I will add another ball of thread.  The thread I am using is vintage found thrift shopping I have about 25 balls of this same thread so it is not an issue as to how long or short just were I want to stop.

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