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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Part 3 filling stitches holly berry ornament

So here is the final tutorial on the holly berry ornaments and embellishments.  This one is the one I did that had the beads on the berry.
Here  I am using it at a hat pin but you could pin it on a jacket or purse or any place else you would like a little holiday cheer.

Some of the stitches are similar or the same as ones I have already show so in those cases there will be less photos or none will be show but it will reference you to a previous post .  As you can go through the other tutorials to glean that information.

Filler stitches #9 Leaf center  ( please review stitches in Part 1)

This is set up the same way as filler #1.
Make an arch at the bottom and weave up and down  with your warp threads.   The difference here is on that first one we wove between every pair of warps.  here we are weaving over two sets of stitches and throwing one off the side after 6 complete passes of the weft.  When you have an odd number of warp threads then the outside one has only 1 set of warp threads in it as opposed to the rest that have two.



When you get to the last set of warp threads use each individual string to weave teh rest of the way to the top


Filler Double bar review

Place a double bar up the center of the leaf refer back to filling stitches part 2 as to how to do this.

Filler stitches #10

Follow the pattern covering each line once the second time you go over the patterns wind the two threads together by passing the needle over and around the first thread.

When you get to a junction weave around the 4 central spokes do not pull to tight or it will distort your circles.


Then continue with the weaving around the first laid thread


Filler Stitches leaf veins ( double bar and single bar) #11

In part 2 you learned about wrapping bars and double bars  and wheat ear filling stitch review that before doing this.

 Work this as you did for the wheat ear stitch doing a double bar and adding parts as you go up.


Do a few passes of the double bar then too each side of the central vain make a loop stitch connected to the cord around the leaf ending back at the central vain.   These will pull up a little so give  a little extra thread so when you go back to weaving the double vain it will sit where it should and not pull all the stitches upward towards the other end of the leaf

This is what it should look like after you have made the center vein and the side veins.

I wanted my the veins of the leaves to be more prominent that just two threads wrapped you are welcome to do 1, 2 , 3, or 4 much more than that is too much
so here you see me adding 2 more threads to get to 4 before I wrap mine

Wrap bars as how was done in Part 2
Continue to wrap the bars till all have been completed


Remove from pattern and then remove basting threads.

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