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Saturday, December 10, 2011

3 ring berries for Dec RPL

I have had a busy week of concert practice and performances and office party and too much stuff .   Now back to the tutorial I promised for the  holly berry December RPLAL (Romanian point lace along).  Making the set of 3 ring berries theses are three simple versions but of course you could always do the bullion grapes from the link at the bottom of the last post about rings.

For this tutorial I an using size 1/2 inch rings size 10 steel hook and size 10 crochet thread and the beads are a size 10 as well.  and 24 stitches per ring

versions 1
  1. Just as we did for the other rings in the last post see above link used a cabone ring we are going to crochet sc all the way around the first ring, do not join to first stitch leave enough room for one more stitch. ( needs to be divisible by 4 count the 1 missing stitch too)  in my case 24
    1.  23 stitches on ring
  2. Next divide the number of stitches on that ring by 4 and place that many stitches on the 2nd and 3rd rings. 
    1. 6 stitches on ring 2
    2. also place hook into the 6 to last stitch on first ring then com back around work6 stitches on ring 3 and joining to 6th 
stitch from end on first ring
  3. slip stitch around the space between the 1st and 3rd ring the space you just made and then fill the ring with sc
    1. just below slip stitch between ring 2 and 3before slst join between 2nd and 3rd rings
    2. just after slip stitchafter slst join in space between2 and 3rd  ring
    3. fill last ring with scbefore slst join between3rd and 1st rings
    4. slip stitch between rings 1 and 3just after slip stich between rings 3 and 1
    5. place last sc into first ring and slst to first sc made on ring 1finished sc in 1st ring and slst  cut and finish thread
version 2
To make a beaded ring same techniques as above but you string beads first onto thread.
beaded berry
If you want to add beads to your berries just slip the bead on right before you do the last yo of every sc an every ring.  The beads will end up on the back side of your ring.  but you are going to use that as the front side of your ring in your work.  I have a wonky bead on mine a bead that is fussed to another bead I let it stay as it didn't bother me for a tutorial but if I was making this for someone else that bead would not have been used.
berries and beaded berries
 version 3
You can slip up more than one bead to make it look more full of beads.  For that you crochet around the bead first with just sc.  Then do a second round of sc with the beads over that this way it is not see through to the white cabone ring. Then load up the beads the sample here has 6 beads pulled up before the last yo of each sc stitch and it only tack 16 stitches to go all the way around instead of 24 on 1/2 inch ring.  But I have not played with figuring out how to do this with three rings all at once yet.  So I do these individually.
beaded ring

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for the great pictures and written instructions on the berries.


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