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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Errata for yoyo book

Just noticed today that I needed to post some errata for the "Learn to do yo-yo Crochet" book.  Just so you know this doesn't effect any of the patterns in the book it is in an area where it is just explaining a concept so the numbers don't actually hurt anything but it would be nice to have things correct.

page 9
  • row 11 should have 84 yo-yos 504 chains
  • row 12 should have 92 yo-yos 552 chains
  • row 13 should have 100 yo-yos 600 chains
  • row 14 should have 108 yo-yos 648 chains
page 20
Carnival scarf pattern
edging Round 1 line 6  right after it read next dc,   there should have been a (ch3) then go on with pattern as written

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