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Monday, September 18, 2006

Russian Needle punch

It has been Mommy-daughter art time a lot lately.

I have spent the last five days teaching my 7 year old how to do Russian needle punch. She designed the image herself and then picked the colors. For a first time at doing this, I think it is pretty good; it is the size of a square post-it note standard size. That is what she drew her image on and wanted it to stay that size. I think it is the perfect size for a starter project; not too small and not too big. I promised her that before the art show in December I will get it framed and hang it in our front room for all to see. That just made her day. Please, if you like it, leave positive comments so I can show her ;it will just make her day to know other people like it because she is massively shy.


  1. Let her know that she did and amazing, fantabulous and wondermously excellent job! It is a treasure.

    -Tasha from MJF

  2. It's just wonderful! Tell your daughter that she's very good at design and colors - it kind of reminds me of "Starry, starry night" by Van Gogh. What a talented family you have!

    Libbie from MJF

  3. Sunshine, this is amazing. Your daughter sure inherited your talent. It's not only done well, but the design is both complex in color and in background form. Oh my.... she's only seven.

    Phils Ann from MJF

  4. This is just the sweetest little picture! It has a wonderful naif quality -- love the colors, love the little house -- makes me smile. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us, Sunshine's Daughter. Can't wait to see your next original design!

  5. Sunshine,
    Couldn't post on your blog for some reason, so tell your daughter that she did a great job!! Its so itty bitty, how can you hold something that small and work on it?

    I posted it for you

  6. sunshine,
    i am so impressed! your daughter did a great job. the design and colors are great! i hope she continues to create beautiful projects like this.


  7. Your needlepunch is beautiful! I got a kit to try it myself, but I haven't had the courage to try something new by myself. But you've inspired me--this weekend I'll try it out. Great job, and I love the colors you picked out!

    Kathy from MJF

  8. We read these together and she had a great big smile on her face. She thought it was great that people looked at it and that it was on the internet for others to see.

  9. Wow! What a great job your daughter did! I love the colors...I think you have a budding fiber artist.

  10. A~

    It is beautiful! You did a wonderful job. I love the colors and the design. I would love to see it next time we visit.

    Aunt Jocelyn

  11. Hey, Sweetie! You did a great job! I'll have to see it next time I come over.

    Grandma H.

  12. I completely love this work. I agree with the other comment from Libby from MJF that this is totaly reminscent of Van Gogh's Starry, starry night" and the colors work in harmony with each other.

    Love your Tia'

  13. Your daughter has an amazing eye for colour! I think this is an artwork anybody should be proud of. Great job!!

  14. Thank you Emma I looked at your blogs you do some nice work too.

    My daughter was excited to see someone had looked at her post as she thought no one would see it any more now that it isn't the top post.

  15. What a great job! So well done and so beautiful.

    Love you,

    Your Very Very Old VoVa

  16. That was a real surprise to see you on here VoVa. glad you got to see her art. She was excited to see you had posted hope you are had a nice visit with my sis take care.

    Much love

  17. This is just gorgeous!
    I need to find out more about this craft - it's lovely! Your daughters work is really beautiful!


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