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Friday, July 16, 2010

Part 19: A Little Dress in Need of Love

front back
This little dress came as a set when I got it, but not a true set.  Meaning the original owner may have used them together or a descendent did.  They originally did not make them to be a set meaning they didn't make them to match as the laces are different.

The dress I am pretty certain has silk embroideries on it as the lay very smooth and flat and rayon tends to not want to do that.  The embroidery is exquisite.
yokehem embroideryhem embroidery detailhem detail real close  up
The sad thing is this dress is in need of repair to the lace trims, see above photos  there is also damage to the button closure on the back of the dress, which was a lace trim issue as well.  The lace was attached to a hem stitched edge which is a way of imitating Swiss entredeux which makes it easier to attach lace to. 

The lace is breaking out at the header of the lace.  If you do not know what a header is here you go.  It is the top of the lace.  If you make bobbin lace you are use to this term if not it is new to you.  It will be important to know this as this is where a thread is pulled from to gather ( 100% cotton) lace to make it fit around curves and such in heirloom sewing.  This technique does not work well with synthetic laces although they do have a header.
hem french lace
A reacquiring theme here pin-tucks on shoulders.
pin tucks
The slip is real simple has deep arm holes, and a deep button opening this is so it can accommodate older children as well a little ones. There is a simple sc trim  all around the neck and arms, the hem is sc as well with a sort of picot edging.  The slip is not in need of repairs at all.  The hem edge is as follows

crochet pattern for edging
  1. sc all the way around ( used for neck arms and hem on neck and arm cut and finish after this step for hem do not cut and finish but continue on)
  2. sc, *chain 5, skip 4 sc on previous row, sc in next stitch,* repeat around.
  3. * sc in sc, 3 sc in chain space ch2, 3 sc in same chain space as last 3 sc,* around cut and finish thread
slip front
slip frontslip hem

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