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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Vintage collars

My grandmother sent me a package in the mail from an old family friend (Dorothy) and in this package are some vintage pieces of lace.  My family and friends know I love these things and Dorthy is so sweet these are her family heirlooms I have other pieces from her in my collection from her family.  I am always excited to get new old pieces to add.

This first one is a piece of hand made needle lace.
needle laceneedle lace
needle laceneedle lace
This next piece is a piece of vintage cotton bobbin lace  that has had a piece of crochet added to its header.  This made it a much wider piece of lace.  the bobbin lace was either a decorative edge at the top outside of the collar or it is what the wearer used to pin the collar to their sweater when wearing it and was placed inside near the skin in that case.  The bobbin lace is very narrow about 1/2 inch so it is hard to see in these photos sorry about that.
crochet collar with bobbin lace trim at top
This next piece is also a Crocheted collar.  Made out of a much heavier thread in cream and green.  even though this is a heavy looking colalr it has lots of fine detail.
crochet collarcrochet collar
This next even though it is a machine piece of lace (acid lace)used as a collar it is very very pretty.
machine made lace collarmachine lace collar
Last items in the package are three machine pieces of lace in medallion form.  they are pink and one has seen way to much wear but they are beautiful to me all the same.
machine made lace medallion
vintage machine made lace medallion

This last collar is a piece of battenberg that I found thrifting (junking) and just thought I would show it too while I was at this. It has nothing to do with the package in the mail.
thrifted collarthrifted collar
If you want to see a few of the other collars I have go here. I have more just have not added all of them to flickr yet.


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